Реферат: What Is True Sisterhood Essay Research Paper

What Is True Sisterhood? Essay, Research Paper

A Definition of Sisterhood

What is true sisterhood? Unity among sororities in a college atmosphere or even a female housing unit just for women who want to come together as one could all be forms of sisterhood. However, having a female sibling is a sisterhood that can bring a lifetime friend and companion. Sisterhood is when one female shares a mother and father with another as well as sharing the relationship of being sisters. A sisterhood relationship consists of more than just the average relationship; it includes gaining a mutual emotional attachment to another female, a confidante, as well as a lifetime friend.

In sisterhood the two females share an extremely sensitive attachment towards each other. Because paternal sisters share the same parents, and in most cases have been biologically created from two of the same people, the sisters share a sense of emotional attachment to one another. The emotions are caused by the love they have for their parents, which in return they have for one another. This emotion consists of a sense of love and compassion. For example, I truly care deeply for my two sisters because they have been my friends, my confidantes, as well as my strength. I care for them just as I care for myself. My emotion of compassion for my sisters is such that I care about their every move, where they are, and what is going on in their lives. Now that I attend Morgan State University it is sometimes hard for us to stay in contact, but I make it a priority everyday to call my sisters. Even in a long distance sisterhood an emotional attachment contributes to the relationship one may have with one?s sister.

Many sisterhoods are based on a relationship in which both females can confide in one another in any situation. In a sisterhood, both females gain a confidante because they tell each other secrets about things they would not dare share with another person; therefore, no one else will know their secret. One example of this is when I decided to get my navel pierced and I told my confidantes that I had finally done it. After telling my sisters of my actions, I knew that what I said would never be repeated unless I repeated it myself. On the other hand, a friend decided she would cut her hair. She called her older sister from the beauty shop in confidence to let her know about her new hairstyle and told her she wanted to surprise her parents. However, her sister decided to be the first one to let their parents know what her little sister did, even though my friend wanted it to be a surprise. This experience shows that you don?t always have a sisterhood with your sister. You may be close, but in a sisterhood there will always be a confidante in your life, someone with whom you can share in trust your most private thoughts.

Until they are separated by death, two sisters in sisterhood will always be close friends. In a sisterhood, the two females will never stop being friends through tough and hard times they will never lose their friendship. The bond two females share because of the love and emotions they have for one another will never break. My two Aunts have just turned seventy-nine and eighty-one. They still consider themselves as best friends although they both have been happily married for many years. My Aunts continue to share the same friendship as they did when they where young girls. I know in my heart that my sisters will both be my friends as long as we may live. Even now we argue but when it is all over I will always have a lifetime friend by my side.

In conclusion, a true sisterhood relationship that one may share with a sister can affect one?s life tremendously. When two sisters are born, they are not quite sure what they are getting into, but in the end they have gained an emotional attachment, a confidante, and a lifetime friend in the sisterhood that they share with each other.

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