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Basketball’s Greatest Players Essay, Research Paper


There are many great players who had the talent to be all pro and lost it

in the streets. Probaly the two most famous to fail are Lloyd Daniels and Earl

Manigult. Both could of been all-stars but let the drugs and inner city life

destroy there chances. It’s been said that Earl Manigult’s best feat was being

able to jump up to the top of the backboard and take a dollar bill and replace

it with four quarters. One other rumor was he once dunked a basketball

backwards thirty-six times in a row to win a sixty dollar bet. Now to Lloyd

Daniels, said to be the best basketball player ever to play in New York he

was heavely recruited and signed with UNLV despite never graduating H.S.

His biggest downfall was his addiction to drugs since he was twelve years

old. Despite having anything he wanted and UNLV he was caught buying

drugs and kicked off the basketball team and out of school.

Next, the player who did make and continues to rock the up and rising

basketball world. The most famous and most known of the basketball

players is Michael Jordan. He has won four NBA titles and is the most

recognized player ever. Despite his pro career he was once cut from his

H.S. team. Then two years later he was a H.S. all-american. Two years later

at the University Of North Carolina Michael as a freshman hit the game

winning shot to secure the legendary coach Dean Smith his first ever

collegiate championship. As a pro playing for the four time defending

champions he has averaged 32.2 points per game, 5.9 assists per game, 6.4

rebounds, 2.7 steals, and 1 block. Michael Jordan is the best role model for

America’s youth since Dr. J (Julius Erving) and he’s also a perennial all-star.

The game of basketball is the most up and rising game in the 90’s.

People who make up the sport come from anyware from Cabrini Green

Projects in Chicago to New South Wales Australia. To end this, the game of

basketball is the most skill oriented sport and the people who play the game

will never forget it.

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