Реферат: Cause And Effect Pollution Essay Research Paper

Cause And Effect: Pollution Essay, Research Paper

Pollution has been a threat to the world for a long time.

Many people think about it, but don?t know what they can do about it. It

is affecting many things and must be reduced. Is there anything you can do?

As the population of the world increases, so does the pollution. Many forms of transportation are used worldwide today. As long as these transports run on fuel, they will always emit pollution. The exhaust from cars, planes, and boats have become one of the major polluters of the world. With the use of bikes and other non-fueled transportation, pollution will be reduced.

Oil Tankers have also caused many problems regarding pollution. Oil tankers are sometimes not sealed properly causing oil to leak out into our seas. Other times, oil tankers may crash into rocks or other unforeseen obstructions in the ocean. Both cause oil to spread into the ocean and waterways.

Car exhaust is depleting the O-Zone layer. If pollution continues as bad as it is, the O-Zone layer will be depleted enough to let ultra violet rays into the Earth causing skin cancer, global warming, and other problems with heat and ultra violet rays.

When oil tankers spill oil into the seas, it kills nature. Fish, birds, and other wild life of the water will be killed off. Oil spills leave the water with a shiny film on the surface and contaminates the water. Eventually oil washes up on shore and can kill wildlife and plant life on shore also.

There are many forms of pollution. To overcome the car exhaust problem scientists and car manufacturers are teaming up to build cars that run on air and that are battery powered. Such cars as these are not on the market for they are still being tested, but may soon be the future in pollution prevention. Soon, hopefully, oil will be able to be transported in a safer way than used now. Special surfaces now cover most oil tankers preventing oil spillage. There will always be accidents, but we still can try our best to prevent them from happening. Many agencies are working on the pollution problem and are trying to find new ways to prevent pollution. By not burning plastics or using aerosol products, we can help prevent pollution. A lot of small things can make one big difference. Together we can make that difference.

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