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Fires Of Jubilee Essay, Research Paper

In the Fires of jubilee, author Stephen B. Oates tells the story of a slave who led a revolt to end the white supremacy in the South. This book is a non – fiction book and describes the history of slaves who rebelled against the white supremacy. I ve acknowledged my self of the efforts of African American in the past. The author sets images of story for reader to understand the purpose of the book. I always wanted to know the history of the African Americans who were mistreated in the past. The author s main purpose is to describe in detail, the slave rebellions in 1830s. He also explain the culture of that time and how people viewed slavery. This book is required for students to read and evaluate the importance of the book. I think this book would make me feel sympathetic to the slaves and it would teach me not to hate people because of their color. This book makes us realize the consequences that took place in the event of the story. The blood shed of innocent African American who fought for their freedom and for their future generation. Compared to other books, this book contains more detailed information on the rebellions of the slave containing historical facts to make it more interesting. The conflict of this story is the struggle of slaves to free themselves and have same rights and privileges as the white people. The conclusion of the story was a sad one, Nat turner and twenty other African Americans were hanged and the rest surrendered voluntarily to avoid being killed. The revolt let by Turner became the bloodiest slave revolt ever in the Southern history. The book ended with blood of both African American slaves and whites where their identity, color, race were different but their blood was of one color. This catastrophe approximately killed sixty whites and more than two hundred African Americans. Though the rebellion did not succeed, its purpose and intent will last forever as it led us to the American Civil War.

Nat Turner and Nancy Turner are the main characters of this story and their character remains unchanged throughout the story. The author created Nat and Nancy s character as carefully related and detailed to the time the story took place. The author remained focused according to the time setting of the story. The story took place in Southampton County of Virginia during the 1800s to 1830s. The story is very interesting and informative to understand and learn from our history s past. This book is knowledgeable that brings a good source of literature in slave rebellions. Stephen Oates, the author acquaint the readers back into the time of Nat Turner and makes us feel the rage, anger, and courage in the slave rebellion. I believe that this book is an enthusiastic and historical piece of literature. The Fires of Jubilee is written to inspire its readers and experience the events that took place as of their own encounter.

Author Stephen B. Oates is a brilliant writer, whose vivid style creates a meaningful historical context. His writings are magnificent to urge a reader to fully understand the concept of the reading. His writings express and visualize a story that creates an image of how and why the event occurred. The fires of jubilee is Nat Turner s depiction of life from his childhood till he was hanged in the rebellion.

I believe that this book will satisfy and inform readers to understand slavery. The author shows the hardship and determination the slaves had to go through every day of their lives. This rebellion resulted many deaths and sacrifices to come over slavery and freedom of African Americans. I am very pleased with the content of the book, which made me realize how fortunate it is to born in a freedom than actually fight for it.

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