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Does Violence Bring Change? Essay, Research Paper

Does Violence bring change?

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction. These days things that need change result in violence and people who want change become violent because that?s what they think they have to do in order to get what they want. Violence doesn?t only bring change but it also prevents change. Change is to reverse a previously held opinion or an earlier decision. Not everyone would agree with the decision made, that?s why wars, riots and strikes take place. Does Violence bring change, or does change bring violence?

War begins because of the difference in opinions of nations, states or parties. I do not think that anything will be resolved from wars except hurting innocent people and causing more problems among countries. War is an act of violence did make some drastic changes to our society. After war power was distributed differently from the results of the war. War from my point of view does not solve anything.

I don?t think in any way, shape or form violence could solve anything. When parents hit there kids because they did not obey the rules or they did something wrong it doesn?t change anything. By teaching them and talking to them about what they did wrong is what?s going to make them change.

Africa is known as a continent of conflict. Entire regions have been caught up in violent conflicts that have sometimes resulted in state collapse. Yet during it?s nearly four decades of independence, West Africa has known comparatively little violent conflict and has had diverse experiences in managing there conflicts.

Governance is conflict management. Governments are needed to handle the conflicting demands posed by groups in society and to reduce the conflicts that arise among the groups themselves. Unmanaged, these conflicts can escalate into violence.

It is clear that violence can affect behavior, but does this mean it also affects our thinking, our values, our morals as well?

Our society does not like it when the government does something that everyone is not satisfied with and when that happens violence occurs because of anger. Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure or hostility. When anger takes over in someone things seem to change there right way of thinking and they do things they wouldn?t normally do. Being violent and trying to protest against something, which you do not believe in, from my point of view, I believe it does not solve anything or change anything. Change will come about even without that act of violence.

Violence puts back change; it does not change anything for the good of our society. Violence in the workplace costs about 0.25 billion dollars each year, things like this do not help change our society do a better place.

Back when the French revolution was going on, there were groups called the radicals, radicals were favoring or effecting fundamental on revolutionary changes in current practices, conditions, or institutions. They had there ?radical political views? if they did not get there way, they would use the act of violence to get there ways, sometime it did work, and sometimes it did not work. They believed that if they acted violently the government would have no choice but to hand over what ever it was that they wanted.

Does Violence bring change or does change bring violence? It goes both ways. Violence brings change, and change brings violence, this is because of conflict between people and parties. If people are acted upon violently they could very well be forced into change whatever they wanted to change.

Change is something everything and everyone goes through, for the better and for the worse, it happens. Violence will most likely not change anything. What has to change is violence, violence does not bring change, and violence has to be changed. People have to start thinking with their heads, not with their anger.

Le Journal do Montreal (1998)


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