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Lord Of The Flies Discussion Sheet

Man is indeed a rational creature. In the book, Ralph is worried of what will come of them. He asks ?We can do all right on our own, can?t we?? and Piggy answers ?We will do all right on our own, it?s them that have no common sense that make trouble on this island.? Although he is also concerned that he is becoming irrational like Jack, he is clearly rational for even thinking about that fact. Most humans are irrarional at times in their life, and if they are put in the presence of irrarional humans, they themselves become a little irrarional. Man is a rational creature, he is only irrarional when the correct circumstances are presented, and he is taken away from other rational men.

I believe that man is a civilized creature. In the book, Piggy states ?We?ve got to have rules and obey them. After all, we?re not savages. We?re English, and the English are the best at everything. So we?ve got to do the right things?.. Man is only uncivilized when something that he believes in is crushed or torn apart, or something he is against is thriving. One example of this fact is when Jack challenges Ralph because he represents democracy, and Jack believes in a totalitarian government.

To me the most interesting dialogue is when Ralph and Piggy are discussing the boys that went to be with Jack. I believe that Ralph is scared, and I find it interesting that Piggy successfully helped him in settling his fears about that matter.

The most crucial part so far was when Jack asked who wanted Ralph not to be chief, and no one agreed with Jack. Then Jack became an outcast and started his own culture away from Ralph and the other boys.

I believe that we can say that man by nature is good, and only corrupted by society. This is true because only society changes a man?s view of the world through gossip and the media. But in relationship to the book, it is true because the beast became a part of their society, therefore corrupting them, and influencing their thoughts.

Simon?s Character Sketch

Simon is a quite and shy character. He has many characteristics, that we would not go into, just because it is to deep. On the other hand, here is a few characteristics of him that we can present.

Simon is a quite and shy character, and he cannot talk in front of large groups. In chapter five, he could not talk to the assembly; ??Maybe,? he said hesitantly, ?maybe there is a beast.? ?I don’t know,? said Simon. His heartbeats were choking him. ?But…??..

He also had his own hiding and meditation spot in the jungle. He went their to think things through, and to sort out what had happened. Also in chapter five, we learn of this; ??You! What were you mucking about in the dark for?? Simon grabbed the conch convulsively. ?I wanted–to go to a place–a place I know.? ?What place?? ?Just a place I know. A place in the jungle.??

He was also very helpful. In fact, he was one of the very few people that helped Ralph. In chapter three when Ralph was building the shelters, we learned of this; ??People don’t help much.? ?Simon. He helps.? He pointed at the shelters. ?All the rest rushed off. He?s done as much as I have. Only–? “Simon is always about.?? He also helped the litluns; ?Here the the litluns who had run after him caught up with him. They talked, cried out unintelligibly, lugged him toward the trees. Then, amid the roar of fruit bees in the afternoon sunlight, Simon found for them the fruit they could not reach, pulled off the choicest from up in the foliage, passed them back down the endless outstretched hands.?

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