Реферат: WhatS My Purpose Of Human Existence Essay

What?S My Purpose Of Human Existence? Essay, Research Paper

Have you ever wondered why we, humans, exist? Who is our creator? How did we get here? Well, as for me, these questions pop into my mind especially right before I go to sleep. These questions have been on my mind since I was about five years old till present time. Perhaps one day, I?ll get me questions answered.

It all begin when I was about five years old. I remember waking up during the middle of the night, gazing into this green night light against the shadows of a statue of the infant Jesus. And I would just lay there and contemplate about why do we exist. Where did we come from? So the following day I would ask my parents why do we exist. My parents answers were, we were created by God so we can have families, work, follow God?s rules, and then pass the word of God to our children. Basically, my parents were saying we live by God and continue the cycle by passing God?s word to our children. After hearing this I begin to wander, so who is this God. Is God all these statues that we pray to. So if God is only one, then why do people pray to all these statues.

As years past by, these questions would appear now and then. Sometimes it was impossible for me to sleep. So then I would ask some friends the same question, why do you think we exist? Some of their answers were completely opposite from what my parents said. For instance, one of my friends said that we were derived from monkeys and that through out the years the monkey begin to become complex and somehow mutated into the human form. And then another friend suggested that we exist because God was lonely and God ended his loneliness by creating human. Some of my friend?s conjectures were fascinating yet it just didn?t make any sense. Like, if we were derived from monkeys, why do monkeys still exist of why haven?t they conform into humans. Or who is this God if he created us, wouldn?t we see him if created us because of his loneliness. There?s just no answers, it?s just question after question.

Another couple of years past and still this question will somehow wander in my head. Why do we exist? It was like there wasn?t anymore answers. Until one day, during science class, my teacher was teaching us about ?The Big Bang Theory?, which is when the universe originated billions of years ago by an explosion from a single point of nearly infinite energy density, meaning we were created by these active elements that were build from the earth. This theory begin to spark many notions in my head. It just made sense because humans contain elements that are composed of the physical universe. But then my bubble busted, what proof do we humans really have. These scientists didn?t exist then, and how can trace a billion years ago. There?s just no concrete evidence that supports this theory.

As you make take a notice, I have no answers to why we exist. Who knows, maybe I?ll get an answer. But then again there?s probably not an answer. Until then, I will keep thinking about why do we exist.

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