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Jane Eyre: Independence Essay, Research Paper

In Charlotte Bronte s famous book Jane Eyre, a girl was portrayed that was growing up around the turn of the nineteenth century. Jane was an orphan with no family or friends. She was mistreated and misunderstood by the people around her. Jane seemed doomed for a life of failure, until she decided to go against all odds and stand up for the life of success she deserved. Jane s actions opened the doors for a new interpretation of women and showed that it was possible for a woman of the nineteenth century to achieve independence and success on her own.

During the 1800 s women were stereotyped as being submissive and ignorant. They were seen as trophies and were never meant to develop a mind of their own. Because of this stereotype, it was difficult for women to be taken seriously. Jane proved to be the antithesis of all these things. She may have been portrayed as a plain woman, but also intelligent, strong-willed and self-confident. Jane used these traits as her guide in her journey to self-fulfillment throughout the novel.

Jane had to overcome many barriers throughout her life. The first of these was the fact that Jane was an orphan since infancy as well as a member of the lower class. Jane never seemed to fit in at Gates head where she was absolutely despised by her Aunt Reed and her cousins. Due to Jane s mother s disinheritance of the family fortune, they never let Jane forget her lack of position and wealth. Jane was seen and treated as merely a servant. Similarly Jane was made aware of all that she lacked while at Lowood School. Most important to Jane was her lack of love and her cries for understanding were mistaken for outbursts of evil by both Aunt Reed and Rev. Brocklehurst.

Many women of the time period often had to deal with oppression. Jane was one of such women, because that was what the stereotype imposed upon her. There was always some form of resistance against Jane whenever she tried to stand up for herself or her needs. Aunt Reed and Rev. Brocklehurst were the first people to believe that Jane was just determined to be disobedient. St. John Rivers also saw Jane as being selfish and unworthy of God. The only thing that kept Jane from being completely possessed by the love of her life, Edward Rochester was the fault he found in her need for self-expression.

Another obstacle Jane had to overcome throughout the novel was male power. The first of the men to cause her trouble was John Reed at Gates head. He represented a physical force and a patriarchal family. Another…

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