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Promoting America Essay, Research Paper

Eric Carlson

Promoting America – an awesome challenge

America, the country which I believe is still the land of opportunity, gives many benefits to its citizens, and sticks to all its own slogans.

America has a democratic government “of the people for the people.” I believe those words “of the people for the people” is the best words spoken from our forefathers. Those words mean we all as people no matter what, we are the pillars of America’s constitution.

America, has no official language which gives a chance to whom that does know or has trouble learning our most commonly used language; this make that many school accommodate more of other nationality. The problem with giving that advantage is many immigrants are taking advantage of the opportunity and going on well fare, retirement plans, and much more.

Symbols and image helps defines our country. One of these slogans is the Statue of Liberty which is a symbol of freedom, “justice, and liberty to all” as it is stated in our pledge of alegence. An other symbol is Uncle Sam who was up in the 30’s as a slogan for the army.

America, is a country that has an organization (ACLU) that seeks to protect the rights of all people, regardless of color, race, national origin, sex, religion, and political belief stands up for everyone’s individual’s rights.

America is a place where everyone is equal just think of the words “of the people for the people,” and also laws protect those rights, and organizations like (AIM) The American Indian Movement, and more.

America has benefits such as social security, well fare, disabled vets, and more. These are just a few of many benefits of living in America.

America has a union for teachers. To appreciate and organize the mentors of our country. America I believe gives everyone the appreciation they need.

America I consider is a young country that has a fast growing stable economy.

America grew from being called the colonies into its present day name the United States of America. America has been threw two revolutions the Revolutionary War and the Industrial Revolution but, both were caused by the rapid growth of America.

America is a place where symbolism and pride fall into one category but, their is an other strong category peace. America has always tried or at least though about offering peace from the Pilgrims time to making a treaty with the Indians.

America is a great place with its people who have great pride in it. So, I believe the only way you could promote America is if you believe in the forefathers words and actions.

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