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The Significance Of Choice Essay, Research Paper

The Significance of Choice

Victoria Bissell Brown put it best with her writings in, “Abortion Fight Is Over Choice.” The title alone has a significant meaning. The “fight” is over the ability of an individual or a group, to support, deny or even consider the action of having an abortion. The “fight” is over the actual choice of our actions and our beliefs regarding this or any other subject. Should women (or men) have the right to choose whether or not they can have an abortion? If they do not, then who makes the choice for them? Even with all the different approaches and regardless of the actual subject, the significance is still placed on the right to choose.

It is hard for me to imagine what it must be like for those who do not live in a country where such choices are left to be independently announced, let alone having such controversial subjects as abortion rights be discussed and decided among the public. We live in a country where we have the freedom to make up our own minds. Where we even have the right to argue about such subjects as abortion and drugs with those who disagree with us.

Freedom of choice is a right often taken for granted even though we use it everyday. We have access to it every minute of our lives and this enables us to make a choice regardless of the reason. As an added advantage this right also allows new ideas to be introduced into society and our perspectives to be widened through exposure to variety. Freedom to think, freedom to express, freedom to disagree.

It is also very dignifying to state your own opinion, especially on such a controversial subject. When a person states their beliefs, they are stating more than simply “I am pro-choice” or “I am an anti-abortionist.” When they take a stand and state their opinion and beliefs they are saying, “I am capable of making and stating an independent belief based on my own thoughts and or feelings.” This demonstrates strength, courage and the ability to put themselves directly in the line of fire if their choices are not agreed with.

In response to the action of making a strong expression, exercising their freedom of choice, and opening themselves to those around them, there is a certain feeling of achievement when a person receives respect for their standing. As Victoria Brown described the respect and pride she had for her daughter as they finished their discussion on their opposite views of abortion rights; “She wants the autonomy to make her own choice about abortion. And in that, she is true to the proud tradition of the abortion rights movement.”

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