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Mary Queen Of Scotts Essay, Research Paper

The Renaissance was a time for influence, mainly by high officials such as kings and queens. Mary Queen of Scots, one of the most well known queens of the time moved the people with love of poetry, writing, singing, dancing, and other humorous activities. Her legend lives on today mainly because of what she did and why she was killed.

When Mary Stuart became queen on September 9, 1543, a year after her father died. When Mary became queen, she was very unique. Unlike other queens, Mary studied Latin, Italian, Spanish, and Greek. She also learned how to write, draw, sing dance, and play the lute, which most queens never accomplished half these things.

Queen Elizabeth took prisoner Mary. Mary remained an English prisoner until 1578. The reason Mary was in prison was because she committed treason. October of 1587, twenty-four peers and counselors assembled at Father Inghay to put her on trial. At first Mary denied to declare her innocence. Later on they convicted her.

Queen Elizabeth delayed signing the death certificate until February 5th. Elizabeth talked to a guy named Paulette to take the suggestion to murder Mary privately and spare her trouble of the execution. On February 8th, dressed in red, Mary was about to face her death. Mary faced her death with courage. It took two bows of the axe, and the sawing of a sinew to complete the beheading. Mary was buried at Peter Borough, but her body was eventually transferred to West Minister Abby.

When Mary got married for the third time, she got married to Darnley. Darnley wanted more power then Mary. During the time they were fighting, Darnley thought Mary had a lover. He thought Mary’s lover was her secretary, and to prove that he was mad he stabbed Mary’s secretary in front of her killing him. Mary and her husband made up for a short time. Mary was having Darnley’s baby boy. When her husband could trust her, she left him and gave her son the crown. After that Mary and Darnley divorced.

How Mary got convicted of treason was she wrote casket letters. They proved Mary was guilty of Darnley’s murder. “Letters that Mary seems to have written supporting the latter, plot, were used as evidence in the treason trial of the Duke of Norfolk, who was executed in 1572”. When Mary was in prison, Walshingham controlled her correspondence with Babington secretly. Mary and Babington’s letters talked about the assassination plotting against Queen Elizabeth. Walshingham took the letters and brought them on trial to use against Mary. These letters convicted Mary of treason.

In conclusion Mary was remembered by being convicted of treason. The legacy of Mary of Scots gives tribute to how she lived her life in royalty and how she died with nothing.

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