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A Farewell To Princess Diana Essay, Research Paper

A Farewell To Princess Diana

I knew you well enough to

admire and respect you,

look up to you for leadership and

guidance as a person and a parent.

Your life thread always will be a beacon of strength and hope


kindness, generousity and goodness,

modesty, innocence, morality and compassion,

vision of grandeur, spender and hope for the unfortunate.

is inspiring, exemplary, and has begun to mold a new world reality closer our hearts.

That new reality begins with the touch of your love on our souls, we will endeavor to care on your life s goal!!!

Diana you sail away in into destiny and glory never to be forgotten in our heads and hearts.

Luv You always

Your unknown admirers and friends

Frank, Andrew, Matthew and Justin


To the Boys, Harry and William;

You don t know me, I m the father of three wonderful boys Andrew, Matthew and Justin, I found your mother a constant role model the I looked up to and admired her parental example and life s work and purpose.

We are deeply sorrowed by your loss. Your mother has passed into heaven, this world truly lost a beautiful and wonderful person. She is and will always be an

exemplary person who I will always respect, admire and pattern myself after… She was a model parent and of generousity, compassion, nobility and courage.

Never forget that your mother will always be with you in your head and your hearts!!! Call to her in your hours of need, decision and happiness.

I know your mother will live on in you and about you. In your quietest moments I assure you her wisdom will envelop you always.

The following is an adaptation of the song lyrics of the Canadian Rock Band Rush. The song being Cinderella Man from the Farewell to Kings LP… this modification I will call Cinderella Princess. When I was thinking of your mother this song kept becoming prevalent in my thoughts.

It s intent is to describe a vision of Cinderella Princess Diana

The adaptation

Because she was human

Because she had goodness

Because she was moral

Delusions of Grandeur

Visions of Splendor

A manic depressive

She walks in the rain

Eyes wide open

Heart undefended

Innocence untarnished

Cinderella Princess

Doing what you can

They can t understand

what it means

Cinderella Princess

Hang on to your dreams

Try as they might

They can t steal your dreams

In the betrayal of her love she awakened

To face a world of cold reality

And a look in the eyes of the unfortunate

Awakened her to what she could do

She held up her efforts

To challenge the unfortunate

Purposeful motion for one so dedicated!

Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

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