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Teenagers Have Too Much Freedom Essay, Research Paper

??Young people today have too much freedom.?? Do you agree?

Nowadays, many teenagers are spoilt, they are doing things which are unsuitable for

their age. You may ask, ??Why ??? I am sorry to say that the kids have too much freedom, they

take the privilege for granted and don??t know how to control themselves. It??s a pity to see

students in midnight wandering in streets smoking, when they are supposed to be sleeping at

home; it??s also sad to see youngsters taking drugs, when they are supposed to be studying.

These cases happen a lot in our daily life, the young people make uses of their so called

?? freedom?? to do whatever they want irrepressibly.

The youngsters?? parents are responsible for their offspring??s rampant acts, they are

giving their child too much freedom and money, yet they don??t endow them any guidance. As

a result, the young people who are undisciplined will misunderstand how to use freedom

properly which leads to cases of youngsters smoking, taking drugs, committing crime, suicide

and even promiscuity. All these will cast a big effect in the society which results in immorality.

Sometimes, you can see students on the street associating with a gang of youths wasting

their precious time, smoking and saying swear words; you may even see teenagers in discos

dancing, taking drugs and having alcohol. The worst is to read news of promiscuity about

youngsters having sex for gratification and stimulation. These are all results of exploiting and

misusing freedom. In addition, parental guidance and care are neglected.

To conclude, I strongly agree that young people nowadays have too much freedom. Due

to the lack of experts?? guidance and care, those undisciplined teenagers will exploit freedom. I

I admit that freedom must be given to youngsters, but too much freedom will cause chaos in

society, especially to those students who can??t control themselves.

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