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Jesus Essay, Research Paper

Jesus was considered the greatest man who ever lived. A carpenter?s son

with no wealth and little education, he stands as the dominant figure of Western

Civilization and towers over all world history (web 1). The explanation for his

execution has been discussed for a very long time. The two major historical

explanations are that he died to atone for humanity?s sins and that Romans did not

want Jesus to have the power they knew he capable of obtaining. This is what the

followers of Christ have been taught through the teachings of the church. Many

historians have their own view of how this precisely occurred.

It must take an incredible powerful person to die for everyone else?s sins

and rise from the dead so that humans could have the hope of eternity in the

presence of god forever (web 1). That is why today there is such a strong belief for

Jesus and respect for him as our savior. Jesus wanted to save everybody so he gave

his life. He was accused of corrupting the nation and for being known as the King

of the Jews. Romans did not believe that he truly was the Messiah and did not

want him to obtain the power of being the king of the Jews. He is the most

prominent figure because of his love for people as a whole. There was no

individual that Jesus loved more than another, it is all equal.

With the two explanations given, one could argue what they think is true or

false. There are witnesses to what happened to Jesus, but they lived during his

time. The only proof of what they say is the documents and letters that are read as

a community that explain in detail what happened. That is what the believers of

Jesus live by. Dying for our sins and accused of corrupting the nation are strong

explanations of what occurred. Corrupting the nation feels like a stronger plea

because with all the power Jesus had and all the followers gathering around him,

the Romans did not want to see him get to much power. He was the king of the

Jews but if he had more followers Pilot would not have been able to surrender

him. At that time he had followers, but not many. If Jesus would have lived longer

he would have ruled millions of people.

The explanation of Jesus dying for our sins is also very powerful. That is

the basis for Christianity. It is the first thing that is taught when learning about

Jesus. One must question how can one man do all that. Some people think it is

fake, while others think it was improved upon. It is apart of the mystery of the

most powerful man to ever live.

To understand Jesus one must know how he lived his life. Not how he died

or for what he died for. Yes it is a great reason and he is the most respected figure

on the earth for it, but to understand what Jesus stood for and why he died for us,

one must know the historical Jesus. The Historical Jesus is the early life of Jesus.

The things he did during his life that made him such an important figure and a

noticed one. When Jesus was twelve years old he already obtained a certain

charisma. A story says that Jesus accompanied his parents to Jerusalem. When

they returned he remained there and after three days, he was found in the temple.

He was listening to doctors and asking them questions. When his parents found

him he spoke the only words that have come down from the period of his hidden

life: ?How is it that you sought me? Did you not know that I must be about my

Father?s business [or, ?in my father?s house?]?(web 2).? From the Jews, it is told

that Jesus did not pass through the training of the Rabbinic schools. He never had

the training a normal rabbi goes through. He still had more knowledge than any.

Jesus was a public teacher. He was a close observer of the sights and sounds of

nature and the habits of all classes of men.

Everything that was reported can be agreed upon or not. It is upon ones

discretion to believe Christianity. To believe in Christ you must have faith. No one

is here today to give us proof of Jesus. We only know of him as his actions

through letters and documents that have been kept for hundreds of years. That is

why Christianity is a faith. You must believe in it, have faith in it. It is also part of

the faith to believe in the explanations of Jesus? execution.You either believe in

Jesus or defy him.

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