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What To Expect Essay, Research Paper

How much should parents expect from their children? Or more importantly, what should they expect? All parents have their own opinion on the subject whether it’s correct or not. Throughout the world parents are trying to raise their children the best they can, mostly to be like them or possibly better. Is this the best way to guide the lives of our future generation? Yes and No. Parents have to be role models for their children and teach them the morals of life, but some, in a since, “go overboard” by trying to turn them into the best at everything when children can’t live up to their expectations.

I am reminded of the relationship between Jonathen Modox and his father in the motion picture Varsity Blues. Someone can be great at sports and expect their children to be just as good as them and whether they like it or not, push them harder and harder through their youg life. This could effect their lives in the future just as it did Franz Kafka, being terrified of his father.Parents should not decide their children’s future. It should be left up to them to decide whether they want to play sports, what they want to be when they grow up, and so forth. If a person can’t make their life how they want it, they will never be happy with it.

The world that elders have lived in as a child has changed a lot since they were there and the new generation has to deal with the new world which means that it may be easier or harder for them to deal with then their parents. That’s why parents should reason with their children to find the best way to raise them.

Parents should expect things from their children to a certain extent. It’s good that a parent should expect some things from their children like keeping out of trouble or making good grades, something that will make a difference in their lives. If not, what would happen to people that was never encouraged to get a good education or to know right from wrong?

It is highly encouraged that parents sit their children down and discuss what should be expected and the rules that should be laid down. More importantly, they should reminisce the child’s opinion before guidelines are laid. Then if a child “crosses the line” a parent can reinforce rules.

How much should parents expect from their children? Only as much as the child can give, but there are lines that can be drawn and no one really knows exactly where they should be drawn. Every parent is different, as is every child and the only way to find what to expect from your child is to talk with him/her. What does he/she like to do and what is he/she capable of doing? Only then can one really know what to expect from their child.

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