Реферат: Languae In Chlidren Today Essay Research Paper

Languae In Chlidren Today Essay, Research Paper

Year 11 Speech

good morning ladies and gentlemen.

This is just some of the language that people have to listen to almost every day, and don’t fell it is very appropriate.

I am speaking here today to inform the general public on the appalling growth of course language. This increase of course language has occurred amongst all different age groups. I believe That the language of tomorrows society is determined fully upon the youth and their parents. I have interviewed 100 people on this topic and this is the top 10 things that they have said………

The general incline for youth to use bad language is just not in our local area but all over Australia. As a study from

Robert m. Liebert 1992 says.

In 1992 the average 2 year-old had a vocabulary of 200 – 300 words which mostly contain small words like More milk, fall down, yuk, mum and dad.

Now a 3 year old pre-schooler in contrast, speaks in complex sentences that show a sophisticated grasp on the rules of language, as well as a sizeable vocabulary ,More specifically: we went to see uncle bob and he was sitting on the sofa. And he gave me a box of chocolates.

By the time a he/she starts the 1st grade the child would have a productive vocabulary and understand as many as 14000 words. this means that the child has learned 9 new words every day science he or she started to talk. This rapid increase of learning to speak does not slow down after this period of time, as a matter of fact it keeps increasing even more as the child learns to read. by the time they are 17 they would have a 800000 reading word vocabulary and that means he or she has acquired an average of 13 words a day.

Now you say what does this have to do with anything, Well I will tell you— all these figures are from 1992 and now in 1996 the figures have dropped by around 13 precent in all areas, and now new studies show that children know at least 5 course words by the time they are 6.

Movies are the main offenders for causing an increase in the course language in society today. they may seem harmless to some viewers but, the cool thing in the 90s is to copy like everyone else’s speech patterns. For instance I saw a movie with Will smith as the star and in his movie he said some bad stuff like, “F%%k you”, and then to my surprise I heard that repeated many times in the foyer. Although people tend to attach swearing to young boys and men ,ladies are rated just as badly.

Music plays a big part in the increase of course language in Australia also. This is happening because songs are containing more and more amounts of course language in there lyrics, and as you and I know if we like that song ,we start to sing along, then, in the process use course language.

The television helps in no way, It sends across a message to the viewers that it is just a big joke. let me give you an example. An advertisement will contain words that sound the same as a bad word or phrase like for instants change holy shit to holy toshiba. Advertising like this is just ludicrous and does not need to be done.

All the information give previously is totally unexceptible behaviour. The use of course language, I feel should be outlawed, a student at school would be punished for using course language, so why not let them be punished if it happens some where else. The police are to lenient when it comes to swearing all you get for using this appalling language is a slap on the back of the hand and sent on your way. offenders would complain if they were lock up for swearing, so don’t, just make them do community service or something on that line. This problem of course language will not fix it self, I feel a really good way to help stop it accruing in our community, would be to start at home by teaching our own children not to use this language in any way or under circumstances, then if or when they use it punish them accordantly.

thank you…

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