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Flannery OConner Essay, Research Paper

In Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man Is Hard To Find, a book filled with short stories that feed the mind with moral development and growth, many tequnices are used to alter the moral perception os the reader. I foung that her techniques of choice consist of dark aproaches, irony, satire, and suprising or predictable endings in many of these stories to relate her ideas of different moral conflicts that a person would come in contact with at some point in there lives. She seems to play with the persons most instinctive feelings, such as trust, lust, love, and other uncontrollable emotions. These are the kinds of emotions that people are anxious to feel, and she shows us whyin her morbidly true tales. Not only does she try to use scare tactices to dig into a persons deepest emotions, but she also dives int oa cetain situation that in the end teaches the readera lesson.In contrast to O’Connor, South of the Clouds brings forth the idea of teaching morals, but in a less intimidating way. These tales tell stories of hope, and show the reader that because the characters keep their faith high, they will be rewarded in the end.these stories also use surpise endings, satire, and irony to portray what the moral of the story is, but they do lack the morbid surprise endings that are carried within A Good Man is Hard to Find. Although the characters had to endure radical misfortunes throughout their lives, as long as they didn’t give up hope, their years of hardship turned into years of goodfortune. On the other hand, the jealous, cruel characters portrayed in these stories are proven to be punished worse in the end than the origional misfortunate person did in the end.these stories give the reader hope in the sence that if they hold on, better days will be on their way. They are also more on the fabel side of short stories. Both types of stories are fictional, but the latter is more fictional in a majestic way, but still manages to teach a lesson in the end.These two books use irony in many different ways. Irony is defined as the use of works to convey the opposite of their literal meanings

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