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Fabricating Humans Essay, Research Paper

Cloning is unethical and is not needed in society. Many, if not all, religions agree with the ban of cloning human beings. It has also been argued that cloning would diminish individuality as well. Whether or not cloning is ethical, at this time cloning human beings should be, and is, banned.

Humans have evolved since the beginning of time, getting smarter and adapting more to the environment in which they live. Humans have evolved so much that we now know how to make copies of our genes, the special codes that make up our physical strengths and weaknesses. It has been argued that cloning would help to rid disease and physical impurities which are unwanted. However, like humans diseases and viruses also evolve changing to the environment in order to stay alive longer.

As rabbi Bernard King of Irvine, California asked, Can the cloning create a soul? (qtd in Rottenburg 225). Many religions believe that humans have an everlasting soul, which lives on after life. Scientists do not create a soul, God does. God gives life and he takes it away. Humans without souls would be used as nothing but slaves as stated by the Catholic priest Father Sanders (Rottenburg 225).

Individuality would be abolished if the human genome was duplicated. The would be multitudes of identical or similar types of bodies, less distinct, less unique, and less sovereign (Rottenburg 230). The idea of a perfect human would be met, whether it is a blonde hair blue-eyed girl or a boy with a washboard stomach. People would become drones and would be produced in order to fill the needs that society sees fit. Clones would be told what they were, what they are, and what they will become. They will have no say in their life, they would be instructed what job they will do and would be made with the features needed to excel in it.

Cloning would ruin some of the qualities of being alive. In addition, what would the clone think; it would not have the same feelings that any normal human being has. It would not be accepted in society, it would be known not as a human, but as a fake imitation of one. All of these situations should play a role in everyone s mind when considering whether or not cloning should be done on humans or not.

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