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How To Get Ahead Essay, Research Paper

How to Get Ahead


There are many methods and ways at getting ahead. People get ahead by being willing to work hard, using good time management skills, being a “team player,” being clean and tidy, and being good at what they do. They also must be honest, flexible, and have a positive attitude when working.

A successful worker that works hard comes to work on time, does their work well, and stays after sometimes to finish up a project or piece of work not completed. They also do all of there work, no matter how much, or how difficult it may seem.

Using good time management means working efficiently with the time allotted for certain projects or works and doing them with not only speed, but also accuracy. This consists of staying focused at the work on hand and not becoming distracted from outside influences.

One is a team player by getting along well with his/her coworkers. This is acquired by doing a good job on works and having a positive attitude even when times get “rough.” This person usually compliments fellow employees on good projects, ideas, etc. This person also does company functions and extra curricular activities with their friends and coworkers, such as a company golf game or New Years party.

One who is clean and tidy has a high level of personal hygiene. This is combed hair, brushed teeth, showering once a day etc. This person also maintains a neat and well-organized workspace. This not only looks better, but allows the person to work more efficiently and with less effort. Projects and finished works produced by the worker should also be neat and orderly.

Being good at what they do. This means being prompt, well organized, and accurate in projects or requests assigned to them by their employers. Liking the particular field of work one is in usually helps the level of proficiency remarkably.

One of the most important things one must do is to be honest. Coworkers and employers need a worker that is honest and can be trusted. This not only helps prevent many problems between coworkers from occurring, but also provides a truthful and positive atmosphere.

Another is being flexible. A worker should be willing to work around his schedule to arrange meetings, work with, or make appointments with coworkers or a customer. This may mean having to take time off of your “personal life” to meet with the demands of your schedule for your job.

The final and most important skill in getting ahead is to have a positive attitude. This means coming to work in a good mood, being cheerful and liking what one does. This usually has an effect on their coworkers and thus makes the working atmosphere a better and more cheerful place to be. This also helps the workday go by more quickly.

Therefore, these are all the things one would do to have a successful career, and get ahead in the business world today.

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