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Pet Therapy Essay, Research Paper

Pets can help people in many ways, they provide unconditional love and attention. Taking care of pets. people experience feelins of being wasted and needed. Sick people that are in contact with animals seem to get well quicker. Animals can help in many areas throughout our life. Dogs are trianed to help handicap people and in rescue efforts. People communicate with animals for many different reasons.

A person may not have friends or family members they can talk to. They may need to express their thoughts or feelings and don’t feel comfortable talking to someone openly. Talking to their pets is a solution for many people.

You can voice your own opnion without any criticism or tell youe secrets knowning they will never be told. Animals can fill voids in people’s life. Pets make good companions. When my dog is waiting for me when I get home from work I don’t feel lonely. A person living alone could benefit from a pet. They would have something to keep them company. When I am angry, my dog will sit next to me. While petting him, it helps to relieve my tension. Occasionly my pet is a shoulder to cry on. The main thing my pet does for me is putting a smile on my face. People can benefit from animals.

Trained dogs can aide people who can not see or hear. A person without sight, can have a dog to guide them. Their dog can help them go places, without relying on another person for assistant. Deaf people have doga help them. Their dog is trained to nudge them in certain ways for different sounds, this way the person knows if someone is knocking at the door, or the phone is ringing. People can maintain their dignity and independence with the help of dogs.

Pet bring a wide range of healing into our lives. Touch is a fabulous healer physically and mentally, and the love you recieve heals emotions. Our pets do not judge us. Their love is unconditional, and they’re always there when you need someone to listen. They know our faults and are forgiving. They never stop giving.

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