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Community Service Essay, Research Paper


From students picking up trash on the beaches to kids that help at school people of

all ages help the community in all ways. Community service is being done all around the

world. People of all ages help the community some way in there life. Requiring

Community service in high school is a good way of teaching responsibility to people to get

them ready for the outside world. Community service should be required because it not

only helps the neighborhood but it also has many benefits.

Although some students cheat on community service hours, the benefits of the

program towards college admission outweigh the cheating. Working harder and longer is

good for some student. It helps them to learn more in areas he didn’t know he lacked in.

Community service allows interacting with the real working world, which some people

don’t normally do. Not only does community service help you in life but it also looks

good on college transcripts. Colleges look for students who are outgoing and willing to

participate in their communities. By participating in community service, the students show

colleges that they are determined to work hard, and that he is concerned with the world

around them.

Community service does waste students time, but students get more in return such

as learning responsibilities. Responsibilities are the fundamental building blocks of a

successful career of any kind. Jobs in every field require their employees to be responsible.

Being more responsible in the real world will get you much further in life. Those

individuals who are not responsible will not do well in the real world. Employers will not

put up with those people who can not do productive and effective work.

Community service helps everyone in all kinds of way. Not only learning

responsibility, community service also helps students meet new people and encouragie

them to go further in life. Community service should be required because it does not

affect the students much, but it effects the community allot. For all the time wasted in

helping the community, the student grows and learns from mistakes.

Community service is a very controversial topic. Many students that cannot fulfill

an easy requirement such as 40 hours of community service in 4 years. Will most likely not

get any where far in life. Community service should be required because it not only helps

the neighborhood but it also has many benefits


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