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Linux Essay, Research Paper


? TOPIC: Can Linux succeed in a Windows world? Linux is a Unix-language-based

computer platform and is described as being slimmer, faster, more reliable

and flexible than Windows and can better serve consumers and businesses. Is

there any truth in the statements being made about this rival operating


? Brief history about the origins of Windows and Linux

? General functions of any operating system

? The capabilities of Windows and Linux and what requirements of an operating

system do they meet

? The advantages and disadvantages of both Windows and Linux

? How can one get access to both these software


General functions of any operating system:

? Memory management

? Basic input /output management

? Execution management

? These requirements will be explained using transparencies.

The capabilities of Linux include:

? Multitasking

? Virtual memory

? Shared libraries

? Demand loading

? Memory management

? TCP/IP networking

The capabilities of Windows include:

? System file protection feature

? Shared internet access on one line, and it has a new home networking wizard

to assist with setup

? The ability to decode zip archive files within the explorer

? It has a very reliable security system

? Fast booting and easy setup

? For illustration we are going to show the logos of windows and Linux.

The articles used to support the above mentioned statements are:

1.Title:”Operating systems is linux the business”

2. Title:”Geeky old linux gets a windows makeover”

The pros for Linux are:

? Linux is an open source program which means all its programming codes(which may be written in C or C++) is available if needed; this is an advantage for maintaining a

stable system

? It is free and maintained by programmers around the world

? Linux is a Unix based graphical operating system

? It has built in firewall and proxy capabilities, which means

v Statistics will be used to show the reliability of Linux, and the

percentage of people using Linux.

The cons for linux:

? Linux is harder to install because it has to be done manually

? It does not have desktop applications like spreadsheet or wordpad

? DVD’s or USB that runs digitally enhanced movies does not run on Linux

? IEE 1394 does not work on Linux

? Linux lacks central management

? Linux does not have the same quality of online support as Windows NT, online support is not provided by a central authority.

Articles used for the above are:

1. Title: “The Linux challenge”

2. Title: “Linux in a gray flannel suit”

? The pros and cons of Microsoft Windows:

? Windows Operating System with its versions of 95, 98, NTs, 98 Second

Edition, and 2000 provide easy access with reliability and security.

? Windows 95 and 98 both can provide the capabilities of running

applications, transferring files and databases, able to provide

entertainment-oriented hardware.

? Most important of all, Windows have the desktop applications of Microsoft

office and visual basic.

? Windows 98 SE will include Internet Explorer 5, support for new types of

hardware such as new Device Bay, IEEE1394, and the aforementioned DSL and

cable modems), and some bug fixes.

? Windows 2000, the most recent creation of Microsoft O/S, is mainly for

running business applications and big databases.

? It has central management.

The cons of Microsoft Windows:

? Windows often have crashes with DLL.

? It is not free to download so you have to bye it.

? Windows 2000 starts slow, stops fast.

? Windows 2000 does not provide entertainment-oriented hardware.

? Windows is not an open source program

The articles used:

1. Title: Windows 2000

2. Title: Windows, Windows, Windows! (Microsoft developing three OS versions

3. Title: Bill’s Big Roll-Out/ Author

? How to get access to both Linux and Windows software:

? You can download Linux kernel from the Internet for free, but you need X

Windows System, compiler, editors and lots of other pieces to run an

operating system. You can buy them from Caldera Open Linux at

www.caldera.com or from Red Hat at www.redhat.com

? Widows 98, 2000 or Windows NT could be bought at any software store.

v We are going to hand out a questionnaire to the class, and use it as a pole

to see how may people use linux and windows and which one they prefer. We

will use the results in our presentation.


The conclusion will consist of each group member’s personal opinion about the


? Fahima’s opinion: I believe that there are many advantages to using Linux,

but Linux is not yet the most reliable operating system and it is not the

best for personal use. I don’t like the fact that there is no central

authority controlling Linux, so if I am faced with a problem I am going to

get many versions of solutions to the same problem from different Linux

programmers and would not know which one to choose from.

But many programmers are still working on improving Linux, so I believe that

one day it will be compatible to Windows or maybe even better, but until then

I am going to use Windows.

? Ying Dan Ye (Rebecca): Windows has always been the most used operating

system, but now it has found its rivalry, Linux. Linux is another operating

system, which is heading its way to users. However, Linux is still a

beginner. Unlike Windows, Linux still lacks a lot of common functions like

Applications, Words, etc, for people to use, and it requires people to have

basic skills of C or C++ in order to put it in good use. On the other hand,

Windows has a lot more common functions. People with a lot, a little or no

knowledge of computer skills, can use it, and people have used it for years.

Now, it is even improving with new versions like Windows 2000 and Windows 98

Second Edition. Overall, Linux still needs to work harder enable to override

Windows. Windows will still be the main operating system use by many people

as for now.

? Andrea’s opinion: Although linux proves itself to be a pretty good

contender for windows it still has a long way to go before it can reach the

standards windows has already accomplished. Linux has met the basic

requirements of operating systems, but until it masters some more additional

capabilities, windows will remain the number one used operating system. I

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