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Women S Liberation Essay, Research Paper

Women continually drive for more freedom and consequently have acquired more freedom. In the last thirty years women have made incredible progress. In many instances, women still feel inferior to men as a result of how some men choose to treat the weaker sex. How should men treat women? What causes inferiority for women? Are men and women equal?

Men can sometimes give the impression that they are superior to women. Women notice this very quickly. Crude and sexist remarks are made every day; sometimes for fun and others not. As a result of these criticisms, women either end up feeling inferior or they fire right back otherwise known as the battle of the sexes.

The ideal treatment for women is simply respect. A man should treat his female peers with the knowledge that they do have feelings. Respect her talent and realize that she is capable of many things that aren t just related to men. Women are capable of high success in most fields. A man should treat his wife with the same respect he demands from her. A married couple needs to share chores, pay the attention needed for their children, treat each other with dignity and be sensitive to each other s needs. A wife shouldn t be a sex or house slave. A woman should have her independence.

If you ever visit the Midwest, take a good look at how wives are being treated. Most of the men treat their wives as thought they own them, they aren t shy about committing adultery, and keep their wives at home. The men s view in the Midwest comes from their upbringing. All over the U.S. men have been brought up where the father was always in charge of his family. If someone is raised that way, they don t see anything wrong with it and may not know any different. Some of these women are also at fault though, because they let themselves be taken advantage of.

Sometimes the women who lead initiatives go beyond the line of what is equal. It is true that all people men and women, black and white- should have equal rights. But one of the issues is that men and women aren t equal in many ways. Some of the women who actively participate in women s groups though, think that women are equal in every way. Men, more than women, tend to be better in upper management of business because of their training and promotion. Women can be top executives and when given the chance to prove their abilities they have proven to be equally capable. Women can be much better in jobs that require the ability to handle different situations at the same time. In sports, men have more body strength making them better in those sports that require strength. Sometimes women complain about not being able to be on a team full of guys but if they were to be allowed on the team, they would most likely end up getting hurt. Women and men both have different physical and structural make-ups that enable them to do different tasks better than the other sex. Women tend to make better homemakers. They have natural instincts to nurture and pamper their families. Not saying that men don t provide nurturing, but women are more natural at it. The bonding process with a child begins when a woman realizes she is pregnant and the man does not have this advantage. She is also the one capable of nursing. As one can see, men and women aren t necessarily totally equal in many ways.

Currently, many businesses are hiring women for lead jobs. This is an issue that has gotten a little out of hand. Some businesses are so focused on being politically correct and what is legally required that they don t look at who is most qualified for the job. They will try to hire women and ethnic groups other than Caucasian to create an image of fairness. These businesses should be looking at who does the best job.

Sexual prejudices will always remain; it is human nature. Only so many inferior mental images of women can be changed because of the physical limitations of women, the subtle ways in which we are sometimes raised, and motherhood responsibilities, etc. Women can obtain their legal rights and hopefully, the respect that they deserve. Everyone, black, white, man and woman, contribute in so many ways. People need to see each other for their individual strengths and capabilities. If we try to focus on the individual instead of stereotyping people, we can accomplish a lot towards the manner in which we treat all individuals.

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