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College… Why Am I Here Again Essay, Research Paper

College Why Am I Here Again???

Making the transition from high school to college is a big step. It s like going from childhood to adulthood in a month s time. There isn t any obligation free cash in the morning on the way to school, and there aren t any monotone teachers endlessly reminding you to turn in your homework. There isn t even a thrill from skipping class because it only results is a loss of your own hard-earned money and an incomplete set of Sociology notes. Luckily, there also aren t any long-winded mothers forcing you to wash dishes, goofy little sisters asking to play one more round of PayDay, or prying neighbors wanting to know about your past semesters grades.

The conversion has to be made in every aspect of your life in order to function properly. It s almost like a renovation, stripping out the old tacky stuff you bought in the early eighties, and replacing it with new and improved high-tech gizmos fresh on the market. A renovation of the mind, body, and spirit.

The renovation process has to start somewhere, why not from the inside out. The mind requires the most extreme overhaul of all the three parts. College is totally optional, so the process of psyching yourself up for four to six more years of the main thing you complained about for the past sixteen years takes some effort. Once you get your mind in college mode, you then have to check to see if it s programmed for doing good, making due, or What was I thinking Lord please, I need a miracle. Hopefully if your starting the college process in the first place, and plan to finish it, you do it with the right frame of mind.

You cannot let the body go to waste in the conversion process. Many students may think that this is the easiest component to maintain but they are wrong. It is the hardest. College is draining, emotionally and mentally, but mainly physically. There isn t any time to exercise later, because there isn t a later. Everything runs on right now time. Your friends may ask you what you are doing; your response will automatically be Right now? Reading. This response does not very much, even when the question does. Later that day, someone may ask, What are you doing later? Generally, your answer will be Nothing right now, I should be reading. Take notice of the similarities. I suggest you take a book when you go to exercise. Read while you sit on a stationary bike (take notice of the word stationary ) or study while you do the stair climber, just don t become another victim of the freshman fifteen.

The most important element of the transformation process happens to be the spirit. The spirit will keep you going in the best times, the worst times, and all the times in between. You must have a strong spirit before you come to college. Strong enough to withstand the late night study sessions, the boring lecture classes, and the thirty-page reading assignments. If you can handle eighteen years at home with your parents, you defiantly can handle four years in college. After being at home, most people are ready for war.

Being away at college may also call for adjustments in a few other areas. Food, shelter, and clothing are necessities for everyone, but they can cause drama in the life of the average college student. For instance, Mickey D s, BK, DaVinci s, and Dominos pizza can be your best friends or your worst enemies. Late in the midnight hour when there is no one else to call, there will always be two things to depend on, the Lord and the Jimmy John s man. A great teacher once introduced a quote in class that stated, You are not, what you eat. It is my suggestion that you pay attention to this quote because everyone eats garbage every now and then, even if they don t mean to. If college will do nothing else for you, it will expand your horizons when it comes to snack-food, fast food, and ramen noodles.

Moving on to campus is almost like trading in your old car on a new-used car. People go car shopping because they are ready for a change, just like you. Your new room on campus can be thought of as your new ride. It may not be what you pictured in your daydreams but it will due. Most people have tradeoffs with their new-used vehicles anyway. For instance, quite a few people have been in your new-used car, but it s still in pretty good shape, just like your room. It s not really the color you wanted but you can work around the ice blue interior, just like your room. The size may be a problem at first because you now share your already too little 14 x16 room with a roommate, but the bright side is that you can come and go as you please, as much as you please, which is a perk anyway you look at it. Other than that, your only other concern may be the occasional pillow thrown at you by your roommate because you ve hit the snooze button seven times.

Before you move away from the parents that have clothed you and kept you well groomed for the past eighteen years, you might want to ask them about some basic laundry tips. So many first year, men and woman, are expected to perform this magical task totally new to them. Sadly, those students that have not yet mastered the art are pretty easy to spot because they either have bleach spots on their khakis or an abundant amount of pink in their wardrobe.

With all this in mind, the process can seem tiresome. You just have to envision yourself beforehand, walking across the stage with your colorful graduation robe hanging heavy on your shoulders, your fuzzy tassel hitting you in the face with every movement of your head, the sweaty handshakes of people you never knew the names of, and of course the glorious moment when they hand you that blank piece of paper and you smile into the camera. All things considered, you may have to ask yourself, Why am I here again?

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