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Greatest Challenge Essay, Research Paper

Question: In your opinion, what is the greatest challenge that your generation will face? What idea do you have for dealing with this issue?

The world today is becoming more and more evolved in the domain of technology. For a generation of new age movies, music, and fashion the greatest challenge that we will face is keeping the continuous advancement of technology under control. Our biotechnology furthered its branch of knowledge by being able to clone animals, such as cows, sheep and mice. We can manufacture teensy-weensy lasers that can cast a beam of light 3000 yards without fading or transfer millions of trillions bits of information across the earth in a push of a button. We also managed to use satellites, one of the most remarkable inventions by mankind, to transmit all sorts of radio signals, TV signals, and cellular signals around the planet at the speed of light.

Advanced technology like this, does not need to be strictly governed. It is more the violent capacities of these advancements that are going to be the problem. Lasers are now reaching the point were they can project a beam of light so powerful it can pierce right through a solid piece of lead. In the science field, biotechnology is probably the most potentially dangerous areas of advancement. We made an exceptional ripple in history with the cloning of animals, but it won?t be long before we make a superior wave by cloning humans. The ability to alter the genetic make up of human beings and then fabricate one, will be one step closer to the “Man” himself. Being able to play the roll of God is something I don?t think we?re ready for. Most scientific discoveries are for the good of the human race, however; there is no doubt in my mind that something like this will be used against us in the future. Equally as important, is the broadening of our “defense” weapons. From the beginning with the A-bomb and H-bomb we now have developed biochemical weapons that can release wicked viruses as well as deadly chemicals. The interstellar titanium pop cans that orbit the earth are now being furnished with cameras that have telephoto lenses so powerful that they can read the date of a dime laying on a city street. Due to equipment of this capability who knows who is spying on who.

In dealing with these overwhelming discoveries and inventions, there are limited things you can do to control the future of technology. In my opinion, the most resourceful thing to do would be to enrich yourself with as much information as possible concerning new breakthroughs. This knowledge can?t promise total safety, however; it can guarantee that you?ll be safer with the awareness of what potential uses these new advancements can have.

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