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Contrast Of Two Pets Essay, Research Paper

Our family has many pets, and among them are two dogs. One is a Dachshund and the other is a Golden Retriever. The Dachshund is a male and it s name is PD. The Golden Retriever is a female and it s name is KD. There are many differences between these two dogs, in breed and in the way these two animals respond to their environment.

The bodies of these two breeds are very different. PD s hair is very short and reddish. This is fine in the summer, but sometimes he shivers on cold winter nights. KD. on the other hand, has long flowing blonde hair and is therefore, more suitable for living in the outdoors. She copes with the seasonal changes seemingly unaffected. Another way their bodies are different is in size. The Dachshund has a very small, but long body with short legs, while the Golden Retriever on the other hand, is tall and has longer legs. Their barks also sound different, and coincide with their size. KD has very loud volume with deep a bark, while PD has just a little less volume with a more shrill yapping bark. Another important difference between these two breeds is the health problems that their history tells us they could experience. The Dachshund typically can have back problems. This is probably a result of the two extra vertebrae that make up their long backs. In contrast, history has shown the Golden Retriever experiences hip problems. This is probably a result of their large frames and various genetic attributes.

Another distinct difference is the temperament of these two dogs. KD is a very lovable, laid-back dog. For example, when she meets someone for the first time, she will typically just set and stare at them for a while. PD on the other hand, gets very excited and runs and jumps when first meeting someone. Another contrast between these two dogs is how they interact with each other. KD usually will not initiate any type of playing. PD on the other hand, normally does

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more than initiate playing, he usually will snap at KD, which forces her to retaliate. Actually KD, being a much bigger dog, gets control very easily and PD will shrink back, trying to twist his body around to get away. Another characteristic these dogs exhibit relates to chewing. While KD does not normally chew on things a lot, PD on the other hand does. In one case PD chewed up a pillow that was left out on the patio. There is also a considerable difference in the way that these two animals act towards other animals. KD will usually bark once and run over to another dog. At that point she will then stop and see how the other dog responds to her. If the dog is aggressive, KD will usually back down and cower in fear, but PD on the hand, starts out aggressive and will not back down. I think this demonstrates the hound in PD. He responds the same way with most all animals. For instance, PD has caught several animals and it seems he carries them around just to prove his worth. In contrast, KD will not chase or dig for animals, but she does run and retrieve objects that someone throws in the yard. This is obviously the retriever in her. Finally, PD and KD respond to training differently. KD, the Golden Retriever, typically learns very, very quickly, whereas PD, the Dachshund, rarely learns anything without spending a lot of time and repetitive exercises.

In conclusion, even though they share the same living space and have grown-up together for the last few years, there are still many unique differences between PD and KD. While they are both very different spirits with very different character, they are a joy to have around and share love with.

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