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Parent Role Essay, Research Paper

What does the word parent mean to you? The definition of this word is, one who

begets, gives birth to, or nurtures and raises a child; a father or a mother.

Yet, one interprets this word difrently depending on what life has had to offer

us. Many people agree with the denotation of the word parent. ?To me parents

are those who raised me?, states Ela Hernandez. Parents are people who guide

you throughout life. It?s someone who loves their child no matter what and

takes care of them. Watching and nurturing one owns child is what a parent is.

?Because my parents are there since I was an infant I must say that I consider

them my teachers on life? confesses AJ Vega. ?Parents are the people that I

know are there for me no matter what I do. They are their for me through any

situation, be it physically, mentally or spiritually?, says Carlos Hernandez.

Despite the fact that the word parent is usually positive to all, part of the

population feels extremely different. Some parents are overbearing, demanding,

and contradicting. Many parents say that grades truly do not matter; yet, once

report cards come along it?s a different story. ?Parents are usually never

satisfied with anything we do?, said Christina Cruz. In conclusion, different

people have gone through different experience making their view the one word

parent diversely unique. Some experiences are positive while others are negative

making their knowledge and feelings towards the word resemble their experiences.

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