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Computer Violence Essay, Research Paper

Violent Computer Games

A lot of adults say violent computer games make you violent. I disagree. When you are mad you can take out your anger while playing that game. Lots of kids I know have violent computer games and none of them are violent. Pretty much everything in this world has violence in it.

You can take out your anger on violent computer games. Example: You get in a fight (verbal) and while you play you work off your anger. Also there are other things besides the violence that makes them fun.

I know of at least 20 kids with violent computer games and none of them are violent because they?ve been taught other ways to vent their anger.

Almost everything else has violence in it. Would you take away TV, board games and some posters too not to mention magazines?

Adults made our world violent as well as put all the violence in the computer games. We are what you have made us. So get used to it.

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