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What Is Autocad Essay, Research Paper

What Is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD? software is a customizable 2D and 3D design and drafting

environment and toolset. Architects, engineers, drafters, and design-related

professionals use it to create, view, manage, plot and output, share, and reuse

accurate, information-rich drawings.

It automates your design tasks, and it provides digital tools that let you

focus on the design rather than on the software itself. You use CAD to

accurately model, analyze, and express physical systems on a computer in a

usable way (to manufacture something, for example) while promoting productivity?doing

more, better, in less time?and facilitating workgroup collaboration.

Why You Should Buy AutoCAD

AutoCAD offers several distinct competitive advantages for your design


 It’s the foundation for other design products tailored to the

very specific needs of certain segments of the design industry, including

architecture, land development, mechanical design and manufacturing, and GIS and


 Success breeds success: When you’re on AutoCAD, you’re becoming

part of a global community of design professionals and can access the billions

of drawings they’ve created with this product.

 Success breeds success: When it’s hiring time, you can recruit

from millions of trained users.

 Success breeds success: When you want to get hired, you can sell

your services to tens of thousands of businesses?or start your own.

 It runs on Windows-based PCs and is optimized for the Internet.

 You can tailor it for industry-specific or task-specific

applications or for a special way of working, either by customizing it yourself

or by using one of thousands of commercially available add-on products.

 It provides high-end functionality at a mid-level price.

How You Might Use It

As our CEO, Carol Bartz, is fond of saying, if nature didn’t make it, someone

using our design software probably did. No doubt AutoCAD was used in the design

and maintenance of much of what you’re looking at right now?computer, desk,

and lighting?and much of what you aren’t, including your building’s HVAC and

electrical systems, the surrounding landscaping and roads, and your

telecommunication networks.

If you think you can use AutoCAD to design something, you’re probably right.

Students will be expected to learn the following:

A. AutoCad software is a customizable design tool.

B. You can use AutoCad to express physical systems on a computer.

Questions to ask to activate prior knowledge and generate interest:

1) Who uses AutoCad?

2) Is AutoCad accurate in its measurements?

3) Can AutoCad be used in all design-related professions?

4) Can you design anything physical with Cad?

Questions to focus student attention on major concepts:

5) Do Architects rely heavily on AutoCad customization abilities?

6) Is it possible to design a chair in 3D using Cad software?

Purpose setting questions:

Why is AutoCad such a valuable design tool to engineering?

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