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English Outline Essay, Research Paper

I. The sinking of the Titanic was a horrible tragedy that killed many people

II. The making of the Titanic

A. Built in Ireland

B. Built by Harland & Wolff Shipbuilding

III. About the ship

A. 882 feet long

B. Weighed 45,000 tons

C. Owned by White Star Line

D. Had first, second, or third class tickets

E. 860 crew members aboard

F. Captain was E.J. Smith

G. 2,200 passengers aboard

H. Only had enough lifeboats for about half the people

IV. Setting sail

A. Took off from England

B. Headed for United States

C. Left on April 10, 1912

VI. The lookout tower

A. Bad conditions

1. Missing binoculars

2. Water was unusually calm

B. Didn?t spot the burg early enough

VII. Spotting the burg

A. Tried to avoid being hit

1.Ordered ?all stop? and ?all reverse full?

2. Turned the wheel as far over as it would go

B. Avoided head on collision

VII. Hitting the burg

A. Sideswiped the iceberg

B. Hit at a speed of 225 knots

IX. The damage

A. Over 200 feet were damaged

B. Six water tight compartments were flooding

X. The call for help

A. Lookout tower signaled down

B. Notified the captain

C. Notified other ships in the area

1. Sent distress calls

2. Set off distress flares

XI. The evacuation

A. At 12:05 am lifeboats began to be uncovered

B. The band started playing cheerful tunes on deck

C. Lifeboats began being lowered

1. Women and children were loaded on first

2. First few were only about half full

3. Last few were filled to capacity

XII. The sinking

A. Bow section was completely under water

B. Stern was beginning to rise

C. Ship started going under

D. Finally went under at 2:20 am

XIII. The rescue

A. Two lifeboats went back and rescued a couple of people

B. At about 4 am the Carpathia rescued the people in the lifeboats

C. Only 750 of the 2,227 passengers survived

XIV. Discovering the wreckage

A. Plans to raise the ship began soon after the sinking

B. Titanic was located on July 1, 1985

B. It wasn?t able to be raised

1. It was one and a half miles under the ocean

2. It was in too bad of shape

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