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The Beginning Of The Constitution Essay, Research Paper

The Beginning of the Constitution

The constitution was made up of many impressive and historic documents, which when combined made one of the most historic documents in world history. The constitution takes many of the most historic facts from other resources. For example, the Magna Carta and the Leviathan. It also uses information from such philosophers such as John Locke, Benjamin Franklin, and other important historic figures in world history.

The constitution was made up of many philosophies from the Magna Carta. “The Great Charter” is considered the forerunner of the constitutional government. Chapter 59 of the Magna Carta states that the government can take no action against an individual without going through the proper legal procedures. This is what we have come to call “due process of law,” which is stated in the constitution.

The most far-reaching implication of Magna Carta, however, was John’s admission that “The king is, and shall be below the law”. This is the foundation of later notions of “limited monarchy.” This is another major point that the constitution borrowed from the Magna Carta.

In Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes states much about how, without government, the world would be a huge war. He states how important government is, and what the government should be. The constitution also borrowed and viewed Thomas Hobbes philosophies in Leviathan.

In conclusion, the constitution would not be possible without the writings and knowledge of many. They took these ideas and writings and combined them to make a very intelligent, and long-living document. It made what the United States has became, and continues to become.

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