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Fascism In Germany Essay, Research Paper

Reasons for the Rise of Fascism in Germany The economic collapse of Germany after 1929 (main reason) The lack of democratic roots in Germany Under the Weimar republic It was impossible to secure a majority in parliament (this depicted democracy as a weak Gov. system) The president had the authority to declare a state of emergency (Hitler used Hindenburg’s ability to do this in order to establish his dictatorship) The fear of communism (Hindenburg appointed Hitler as chancellor as a result of such fears) The Nazis exploited the weakness of the Weimar system and often used violence against their opponents The Nazis made use of propaganda to shape public opinion The Nazis used resentment against the Versaille Settlement to their ends. Some other political parties did not support democracy and represented potential allies for Hitler Characteristics of National Socialist Rule Germany became a one party state Hitler was supreme within the party and he was taken as the personification of National Socialism. Totalitarianism was introduced Education was controlled Strict censorship of the media All non-Nazi youth movements were banned and replaced (ie: by movements such as Hitler Youth) The churches were brought under Nazi control Trade Unions & strikes were banned The use of terror was made to crush all resistance The army was brought under Nazi control Officers swore loyalty to Hitler Gradually Nazi officers filled army ranks The non-Nazi commander and war minister were removed in scandals at least engineered by the Nazis The S.S. was built up The Nazis made great use of propaganda The economy (see notes on inter-war period) Racism / The Aryan Germans were declared to be the ‘Master Race’ Expansionism / Hitler claimed to reunite all Germans and Nazi interests centered on obtaining land in Europe There was a close identity btw party and state Centralization of power. An Evaluation of National Socialism Failed in the long run and brought disaster to Germany Brought short term benefits (see notes on Economic Problems) Drove to exile Germans who could have contributed greatly for Germany (ie: Einstein) There was strict censorship of art, literature and academic life; which all did not flourish under the Nazis Women’s rights suffered Loss of civil liberty Nazi extremism brought about Allied extremism and eventually events such as civilian bombings (ie: Dresden) Some successes: construction of autobahns, establishment of enterprises like Volkswagen, and scientific advances in areas such as synthetics, and rocketry. An Evaluation of Nazi Economic Policy Measures reducing U. marked w/ a * represented a manipulation of statistics Increases in output were directed to the armed forces (this meant recession was inevitable except in the case of war) Economic improvements were accompanied to loss of individual freedom

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