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Origin Of Humanity Essay, Research Paper

Origin Of HumanityWe live on a planet believed to be 4.5 billion years of agewith millions of people covering all parts of it. Where did theycome from? Did the whole human population originate from oneof people or were we placed here and then improved or changed by an intervention? I believe that humanity on planet earth wascreated by evolution. Both the creationist and interventionist theories seem tofar fetched to be accountable theories for the creation ofhumanity on planet earth. There are a lot more questions thatremain unanswered such as if spacemen put us on earth why didn’tthey bother to teach humans anything? And if the creationisttheory were accurate why can’t God control natural disasters onhis planet? He is so clever to create everything known to mankindwhy doesn’t he make the perfect world if he had that muchcontrol?There seems to be quite a bit more sustantial evidence onearth to support the theory of evolution. The evidence is holdsup more because actual samples of fossils have been collectedand scientifically tested using a method called carbon dating to

determine the age of the fossils. Which can then be examined andplaced along a timeline. The time periods show slight differencesin bone structure showing what is hypothesized to be the humanevolving. Evolving from what though? The theory of evolution statesthat creatures change overtime to suit their surroundings. Thisis called environmental adaptation. The more a creature canadapt to it’s environment the greater chance it has of livingand show an increase in population called survival of thefittest. A theory developed by a scientist nammed CharlesDarwin who had conducted extensive research into theenvironmental adaptions of animals, for example the adaptationof the galapagos turtles from short neck to long neck so theycould reach their food. This theory helps to prove the theorythat humans evolved from apes so they could increase theirchances of survival. The creationist theory is mearly pen and paper whereas theevolutionary theory is actual living proof that humans did evolvefrom apes and why the environmental adaptations have made humansthe dominant creatures on earth.

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