Реферат: MS Power Point Essay Research Paper Reflection

MS Power Point Essay, Research Paper

Reflection on MS Power Point

The Microsoft Power Point presentation that we just completed was a fun project.

I learned how to set up Power Point slides while infiltrating animation and sound.

I feel that animation and sound in these slides are beneficial, especially for younger

individuals, for maintaining the interest in the topic you are presenting.

In my opinion, Power Point would be better for a fifth grade level, which is the age

that I want to teach, than hyperstudio, because it is reasonably simple to use but is still

geared more to adults unlike hyperstudio which is geared more toward a younger


A Power Point project in the 5th grade classroom would help students learn to

create a creative presentation while also increasing their communication skills, because

they would be presenting their project to the class.

Overall, Power Point is a simplistic project to use, and the possibilities for

creativity are endless. Power Point would be useful in many situations such as class

lectures, business presentations and student presentations.

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