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Hot Dog Essay, Research Paper

The Night I Became a Convict (Well it sure seemed like it)

Introduction: Police Sirens glaring? lights flashing? nervous and full of fright

Thesis Statement: If all seems almost perfect and going so well, that is when

carefulness and planning becomes most critical and imperative

(Transition: It happened one night around two years ago.)

I. Senior, high school doing excellent? student body president and numerous awards- flying high in a small community

A. Playing cards at friend?s Mark house- got bored- suggested dry ice bombs

B. Went get dry ice- made bombs in yard? got on to bigger pranks

C. Rode around- put into mailbox (exploded)? then into other one

(Transition: Little did we know??.)

II. Police pulled us over into driveway, Summoned us, people turned up in droves

A. Parents? reaction, community?s reaction

B. Community service, apology to victims

C. Rebuilding of mailboxes

(Transition: Since then, everyone jokes and pokes fun at us)

III. The regaining of our reputation, relief, humility

A. Great humbling experience

B. Taught us to think things over

C. Not to be overcome with irrational thinking

D. Hindsight is 20/20

Summary: Be thankful on your way to the top and don?t forget the little things that got you there because one little mischievous action could ruin it. Your reputation is very fragile. Years to build-one action to tear it all down.

Conclusion: And it was so that this event which now I can tell with a smile and in light-heartedness that had a very dramatic effect on my life and shaped it into what it is now. I now approach options with extreme caution and look at the possible consequences.

Ron Paul Cheramie

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