Реферат: The Catholic Mass How I Understood It

The Catholic Mass: How I Understood It In My Faith Journey. Essay, Research Paper


How I experienced and understood the Mass in my faith journey.

I have been going to church every Sunday since I could remember. Every Mass that I attend throughout my life I have felt that I have been getting closer to God. I sometimes look forward to attend Mass and sometimes I do not. I know it is only an hour a week that I have to spend with God but some sometimes I feel that, that is to long and sometimes I get bored at Mass. I know I should not think that, but I think there are a few things that the Catholic Church Committee should do to make Mass a little more interesting. At some churches they have youth ministry that kids can go to and learn about God in a way that they can understand it, but all of that ends when one is around the age of 10 or 11. Unfortunately my church never had a youth ministry. I think that could be one of the reasons why I never was really interested in the Mass until I was like 13 or 14 years of age.

The Mass at the Catholic Church is universal everything that they do in a Mass in Baton Rouge they do the same in Rome, exceptions for different languages that are spoken. That is what I think is so unique about the Catholic Church everything that goes on in the Mass is the same throughout the whole world. What I find most interesting about the Mass is the Scriptural readings; I find them interesting because it teaches me about all of the biblical characters. I think it is important for all teens to know about their religions history. It teaches them where they came from and shows whom there religious forefathers were.

The teaching of the Mass should always be used. Everyone should be kind to one another and show respect to one another. I know that it is just about impossible not to sin but if one does sin which everyone does just about on a everyday basis, one should ask God to forgive them for sinning. The Church teaches us to try not to sin we have been hearing it ever since we were able to understand rite from wrong. If you think about it the Mass is a place to forgive God for your sins. That is where I get too the church is basically the center of your whole entire life, it teaches you rite from wrong.

Catholic schools are the big reason why so many kids attend Mass. Unfortunally there are some families out there that do not attend Mass on a regular basis. That is the advantage of parents sending there kids to catholic schools. The kids can go to mass and get a strong understanding of the whole idea of catholic faith. Yet there are also some families that can not afford to pay the tuition for catholic schools that is where the family needs to make there kids get involved with Christian services like volunteering and attend mass on a regular basis.

The Mass to me is a sign of independence from your everyday life. It is a one on one time with God. Your special time to get away from everything else that is going on in your everyday life. That is what I think of the Mass and everything that goes on with the Catholic Church.

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