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Three Types Of Speeches Essay, Research Paper

To answer this question I will use three types of speeches. Of those three types of speeches I will create three speeches to give. The speech formats that I will use are speeches to entertain, speeches to inform, and speeches to persuade. For my speech to

entertain, I will talk about my life. For my speech to inform, I will talk about drums. For my speech to persuade, I will talk about how television violence has negative effects on children.

To organize my speech to entertain, I would start by making an outline to go by.

On the outline, I would separate into groups the most important parts of my life. The first group of my life that I would talk about is about me growing up and where I lived. The second group I would talk about is my interests and hobbies. The last thing I would talk about is my life right now. I would also include an introduction and a conclusion.

In order to better help the listeners to visualize what I am talking about, I would bring pictures of things that have to do with my life. I would also make an overhead with the outline on it so they could follow along with the speech better. I would be sure to move around and use hand gestures to make points more clearly. This would also hold the interest of the listeners better. I think this format would be helpful to my listeners because it is very organized, and it includes many things to hold their interest.

To organize my speech to inform, I would again start by making an outline. To start off, I would begin by explaining the basic parts of a drum set and what they do. I would then explain who makes the parts of the drums and cymbals. Next I would talk about how drums and cymbals are made. I would then explain what they are made of. I would again use an introduction and a conclusion.

My visual aid that I would use would be an overhead containing the basic parts to a drum set. This would be so the listeners could see what I was talking about. I would also bring pictures of different drum sets. During my speech, I would be sure to move around the front of the room and use my hands while talking. I think that this format and the visual aids would be the best way to help the listeners understand the speech.

For my speech to persuade, I would talk about television violence and the effects it has on children. I would start out by making an outline containing the parts of my speech. The first part would be to talk about how television violence triggers aggression in children. The second part would be how it puts fear in children. The third part I would talk about would be how children become desensitized to real world violence by watching violence on television. I would include an introduction and a conclusion in my speech as well.

For a visual aid, I would use an overhead containing statistics to prove my theory. I would be sure to include in my speech the references from which I derived my information. This is important especially in a persuasive speech because the listeners are more likely to be persuaded if they can see actual statistics from authority figures. I would be sure to use hand gestures and be energetic to hold the attention of the listeners. It is very important that I hold their attention so they can see the problem as it is.

To conclude this half of the assignment, I will go over the things I have just talked about. First I talked about how to do a speech of entertainment and what would make it a successful speech. Second I talked about how to do a speech of information and how to make it a successful speech. Then I talked about how to do a speech of persuasion and how to best persuade the listeners. Thank you and have a wonderful day!!!

Question 3

This question to me is a lot harder than the first one. It is one that needs a lot more in depth answer to the problem. The four challenges in personal relationships are dealing with distance, managing dual career relationships, resisting violence and abuse between intimates, and negotiating safer sex. The one that I will break down is managing dual career relationships. Managing dual career relationships is balancing by both partners the demands and pressures of two careers with investment in the relationship itself.

Managing dual careers in relationships can be hampered by pseudolistening. Pseudolistening is pretending to listen. It is when we appear to be attentive, but our minds are really somewhere else. This can be very unhealthy for the relationship because when we pretend to listen but think of other things, we can miss some of the things that the other partner is saying and not hear or do the things that they want us to. It can cause problems when they have had a bad day and just need someone to listen to them, then when they ask you what you think and you have no answer, you get in trouble. It is also bad that if they ask you to pick something up for you and you don’t hear that, then you get into trouble for not listening to them or paying attention to what they are saying.

Another bad form of listening is monopolizing. Monopolizing is the hogging of the stage by continuously focusing the communication on ourselves instead of the person who is talking. It is the old trick to turn the conversation around. It is used like you think you have it bad, well listen to all of my problems. It can be bad for relationships because both partners will almost start to argue over who had the worst day. It is almost an immature way to fight. Instead of venting your “steam” for the day, you can build more up in an argument with your partner.

The last bad form of listening I will talk about is defensive listening. I am guilty of this one. Defensive listening is the perceiving personal attacks, criticisms, or hostile undertones in communication where none is intended. It can be bad for the dual career relationship in that one partner might think that the other is getting after them to pull more “weight” around the house when really they are just asking a simple question like if they took the garbage out. I am guilty of that when asked if I am keeping my apartment clean or if I have my homework done.

Now I would like to start to give solutions on how dual career partners can keep from using pseudolistening. This is a hard accomplishment. It takes the work of both of them to work this one out. This is very hard to do if one partner needs to talk and you are watching an interesting program on television. All you have to do is take five minutes and let them explain what is wrong and offer advise or even just a hug. It can be difficult but if you actually listen to them there is a good chance that they will then do something nice for you.

I will now offer a way to help with the problem of monopolizing the conversation. Monopolizing of conversations can be worked out by setting back a time when you can go one at a time and talk about your day. You could do something like that at the supper table while eating. You could also practice this by both of the partners help make the meal and you could talk about the day that you had one at a time. The main thing to do here is to listen carefully to each other and try your best not to interrupt the other person who is talking.

The last that I will offer advice on how to fix is defensive listening. Defensive listening is a bad think because you can upset the other partner if constantly take their comments the wrong way. This is a hard problem to fix overnight. It could take months of listening to everything that they have to say and then try not to take it in the wrong way. You almost have to put yourself in their shoes and try to look at the situation like they do. This is something that I struggle with every day. I can’t figure out why I do this but I do. Like I said you have to look out for yourself, and be careful how you respond to the situation at hand and try not to read anything negative into the comments.

I am now finishing up this paper on listening problems of the dual career relationships. I went over the listening problems that can arise in a dual career relationship. They are pseudolistening, monopolizing, and defensive listening. Then I gave suggestions on how to get past the problems that those types of listening cause. Now that I am done I wish you a wonderful day and good luck in the future. Thank you.

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