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Stellar Sea Lions Essay, Research Paper

Stellar Sea Lion

Stellar sealion (Eumetopias Jubatus). Stellar sea lions are sometimes confused with

California sea lions, but are alot larger and lighter in color. Males may grow to eleven feet

in length and weigh almost 2,500 pounds. Females are much smaller, and may grow to

nine feet in length and 770 pounds. Stellar sea lions are light tan to reddish brown in color.

They have a flat face and a boxy, bare-like head. “Adult males lack the saggital crest that

adult male California sea lions display.” Stellars have a bulky build and a very thick neck.

Stellar sea lions are found throughout the north pacific rim from Japan to central

California. Stellars tend to stay offshore or move out to unpopulated areas.

Breeding occurs along the north pacific rim from ano nuero island in central

california to the kuril islands north of alaska and aleutian islands. Pups are born on

offshore islands from midmay to mid July and weigh 35-50 puonds. Mothers stay wth

pups for one to two weeks before hunting at sea. Then they spend tiume hunting and

nurishing pups on land. Pups usually nurse for a year, but some continue to nurse up to

three years. Breeding occurs 10-14 days after the pups are born. Dominat males maintain

territorys for one to two months and breed with many females. During the breeding

season, males do not eat.

Stellar sea lions eat a variety of fishes, invertebrates, and other pimmipeds. Known

predators are orca (killer whales) and white sharks. Stellars can contract many of the same

diseases as California sea lions, such as lepospirosis, and San Miguel sea lion virus.

Population The current population of the Stellar sea lions is about 40,000, with

about 500 living in California. Their population has dropped by 80% in the last 80 years.

The entire population has been listed as a threatened species since 1990, and the western

U.S. stock was listed as endangered in 1997. Reasons for this decline is because the

decline of fish due to increasing commercial fisheries. Drownling or entanglent in nets, of

intentional gunshot are all reasons for the stellars decline. Stellars are protected under the

marine mammal protection act, which prohibits the killing, harming, or harassing of any

marine mammal, as well as the endangered species act.With this protection there is hope

for the recovery of the population.

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