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Alcohol-speech Outline Essay, Research Paper

Outline for Informative Speech

I.Introduction:Do you remember the Notre Dame football game this past season?? Well I do sorta. I was at the game and all?I even participated in the vandalism that went on before the game even ended. I know my intentions for that game were to 1) watch Pitt lose again, 2) get pretty drunk because I had a good feeling that Pitt would screw it up again, and 3) have fun at our party that night. Well here is just a little bit of what happened to me that day.

I started to drink before the game, and following that head on down to the game with a few more beers. At the conclusion of the game I have probably had about a total of 8 beers?and I think I am being a little modest. I get back to the house at the conclusion of the game to start drinking again with some of my brothers and alumni that showed up to the game. I wasn?t planning on Pitt to win so I wasn?t anticipating such a celebration. Well I?ll just say that I drank beer until midnight with alumni when they had to go. So I took them up to my room to get their coats. While they were in my room I brought out a handle of Captain Morgan?s Spiced Rum, and a handle of cheap Vodka. All I know is that we were all doing shots. The alumni passed out on my couches while I continued to do more shots. I couldn?t even begin to tell you how much I drank that night?all I remember is waking up in the hospital with IV?s in my arm and friends all around. My B.A.C was between .34 and .36.

II. I am now going to explain what BAC is and describe what you start to feel and what is actually going on in your body.

A. I use the first of my visual aides to help visualize the different levels of your BAC.

B. Then I place where I was that night in relation to the entire graph.

III. Now what happens to you if you get caught?? Well when I woke up that next morning (Thank God) I found a citation in my pocket from Pitt Police.

A. The citation was through the magistrate on Fifth Ave.

1. I am going to describe why I received the citation

2. I am going to talk about court and what I have to do now

B. Pitt police also reported it to the Judicial Board on campus so they took action as well. They put me on Residence Probation for two years and required me to either pay a fine or take PEAR classes offered at Student Health free of charge

IV. Now PEAR classes are classes given on campus. They generally are not designed to deter you from drinking. If you wanted to contact a support group to help you with a problem, AA is your best bet.

A. I am going to explain what PEAR does and what they offer

1. PEAR is more an education of dangers resulting form the use of drugs and alcohol.

2. Some interesting facts to point out from the handouts they gave us are:

***In a nationwide study performed by Harvard and Columbia University, in 1998, 44% of US college students are binge drinkers?a male binge drinker is one who consumes 5 or more beers in one sitting. A female binge drinker consumes 4 or more beers. Of those colleges polled, 2/3 were more than 50%

***Student Health reports that 54% here at Pitt are classified as binge drinkers.

***1 in 6 students overall don?t drink at all.

***Each week undergrads consume 6 million gallons of beer and in one-year, approx. 430million gallons which is enough beer to fill one Olympic-sized swimming pool at each University located in the US.

B. Now explain other possibilities(i.e. AA, online support groups, or even a friend)

C. How do you know or how can you identify someone with a problem.

1. Most likely you can tell?you can use your judgement on it. If someone will sit down with a fifth of alcohol and finish it that night; I would think they have a problem. Actually I used to do that.

2. Getting help is the hardest. Most likely the person does not want to hear it from you. They may not see it as being such a huge problem, just as trying to have fun.

V.Conclusion:Now I admit I did have a lot of fun that night?finding out what it was you actually did that night was even more funnier. But I will tell you that right now, it is not a night I want to relive by any means. By the end of tonight I will complete my PEAR classes at Student Health and finish with all my legal garbage. Since that time of November 13, 1999 I have cut down on my drinking tremendously. I hope that none of you will ever go through this. It?s not really something that I brag about because I almost died, but I do thank you all for your time. I am not saying you will all do this but you can just think about what happened to me the next time you plan on going out to drink.

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