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Learning Goals Essay, Research Paper

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My learning goals are to better develop my skills and learn my ones for purely intellectual reason and secondly, to catapult my career with a Yale SOM education. I think that now is the right time for my MBA. After my two-year program in investment banking I have reached a natural break in my career, although it’s only been two years I feel as if I’ve gotten fives years of experience. It’s possible to continue on my career path with out a MBA, but a MBA from SOM will better prepare me to provide the solution that clients will need and require. I am looking for more that a rubber stamp will actively participate in my MBA program. The MBA will increase my general management perspective, expose me to additional analytical techniques, and allow me to gain additional knowledge about technology, which is now tough due to the extensive hours. Although, I try to stay abreast of current development by reading various industry publications and talking to people. Further, through the Internet I can get live commentary and news from multiple sources at any time. My goals is to choose a concentration is Strategy at SOM, I feel that my undergraduate and work experience has given me a very good back round in finance, so a concentration in Strategy would be more appropriate. If admitted I will apply to the School of Law and gain an exceptional law education while expanding my business skill with a concentration in Strategy.

Managers need to increasingly understand how technology can be useful in innovation at their companies and how it can be used to increase efficiencies and productivity to radically transform traditional business principles regarding valuations and all functional areas of a company.

I feel that SOM is a better fit for me and that I will gain more from this program than others because it meets my needs. I feel I will gain from the program’s credential and the SOM alumni and employer network and allow me to expand my current network. I will actively participate in the SOM community through it SIG and SAG organizations, just as I did in college. I like an active student life and student body; I also like being around people that are “doers” and overachievers because I relate well with them, but I also am empathic to those that have more modest goals. The collaborative environment, the exceptional and distinguished faculty, extensive class offerings to all of Yale, small classes, MBA/JD program, Yale’s Leaders Forum and many other factors make SOM my first choice. Two other important reasons why Yale is because of positive gut feeling I got from my visit and interview and the presentation that was made at Merrill’s MBA Forum on October ??, 1999.

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