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Alliance Warfare Essay, Research Paper

Alliance Warfare

Alliance warfare comes in may forms. There is no “set” war strategy. It depends on a myrad

of variables, such as Total NW, Avg NW, participation (moral), allies, etc. I’ll try and show

these case by case.

#1) – An alliance with a lot of members, and a low avg NW.

This is the easiest form of war, the GS kill. You stock up on troops, and merely kill off their

countries with losts of Geurrilla attacks. Make sure you have it so that it’s not big guys doing

attacks at the end to finish him off. What’s best is when you have it going from top down

where the big guys start off with attacks, killing off his military, and it moves down your

chain so that everyone gets some shots in. This type of warfare takes the least amount

of thinking.

#2) – An alliance with a lot of members and a high avg NW.

In this case, you’ll probably want to start out with either some AB’s or BR’s, and then switch

into farming mode, where most of your attacks are SS’s. Make sure when you do your

AB’s/BR’s you spread out the hurt, rather then concentrating on one target. Do the same

for your SS’s. Don’t send more then a max of 1/2 your military, and aim to send only 1/3.

Your goal isn’t to KILL off countries, merely wound alot of them.

#3) – An alliance with fewer members and high avg NW.

This is alot like #2, however, depending on who you’re fighting you won’t actually switch to

a farming stage. You’ll just go for AB’s / BR’s the whole war. As with #2 try and keep the

smack down delivered to as many targets as possible, so that you aren’t hit with deminishing


#4) – Small alliance, low avg NW: Go for GS kills. Basically exactly like #1, cept now your in a bit of trouble. You need to have ALL of your members doing exactly the right attacks.

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