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Teen Sexuality Essay, Research Paper

Sexuality is a trait inherent in our nature. It is the way which we, human beings, express our own sexual nature and intimate feelings toward each other. Our actual awareness of sexuality stems back to our prepubescent years and has continually evolved with us. The sexual differences between men and women go beyond the physical level and deep into the human psyche. Male and female both think and feel in ways radically different from each other. Thus it is very difficult for a male to experience the same feelings as a female would. To the inexperienced, sexual arousal may be an intuitive or instinctive act. But in reality, it is an activity that needs timing, experience, and self-awareness. Our eventual health and attitude toward the subject of sex will ultimately result from influences by parents, friends, teachers, and the environment. We, human beings, are dynamic and adaptable to the influences outside ourselves but the most important influence is still within ourselves and under our own control. Through disciplinary actions and our own will power we can say “No” whenever we are unsure or in an uncomfortable situation. What distinguishes us, is our ability to choose and make decisions. We should never be forced to do something when we are unsure or uncomfortable. An example of this would be engaging in sexual activity. More often than not, we end up hurting ourselves more than anyone else and being able to manage and maintain your own sexual health is of utmost importance. As we grow and evolve, we must take responsibilities and not assume others will be responsible for you as this can lead to a disastrous situation. In our society, many believe that sex is something that ‘just happens’ under the ‘right circumstances’. There is also a belief that men, in particular, have uncontrollable sexual urges. These beliefs are nothing more than irresponsible excuses and this is where the ability to say “No” is absolutely imperative. Each time a person refuses, it just shows the strength and power of that person. If people choose not to take responsibility for themselves, then the possibility for contracting infections and diseases becomes a very real possibility. We must learn to take responsibility for ourselves and not to take things for granted. Sex, in itself, is a part of a happy and fulfilled life. But it is only under the proper circumstances where it is an appropriate act. The many diseases people face today all stem from people not being fully aware of what they are getting into and not taking the proper precautions. Peer pressure is a high motivation for people’s sexual behavior. When people are engaging in sexual activity, we may ask ourselves why shouldn’t we be doing it? People are all different. It is this individuality that makes each of us unique. If we are not ready or for whatever reason not comfortable, we should not succumb to this type of peer pressure. Even when people become sexually active, they may end up in a certain pattern, one that remains with little or no change for the rest of their lives. Practicing safe sex is essential to our health and to our partner’s health. People may believe that males are usually more active and aggressive than females, but this may not necessarily be true. We must make sure that we equip ourselves the proper safety and preventive measures. Each individual has their own opinion toward sex and it is important for this opinion to be respected. Instinctive urges are usually referred to as ’sex drives’ and this is basically a play on emotions and environmental influences. It is important that teenagers be able to resist the pressures and be able to say ‘No’. As teenagers grow, it becomes progressively easier to say ‘no’ as their confidence grows.

We may not know it, but our parents are usually our most valuable asset for advice. They are the ones with the most experience and can offer valuable suggestions. Teenagers usually fear that their parents will interfere with their sexual life and all the warnings of the consequences that can occur. But these are nothing to be afraid of, as our parents only want us to be good and responsible. Much of our deepest feelings have been with us since our childhood. The topic of premarital sex depends on the personal values and religion of the couple. These values vary from person to person and nobody can say it is right or wrong. Contrary to what the majority of people think, intercourse is may not be a habit-forming activity. During the life of teens and young adults, opportunities abound for this type of activity. As these people grow and mature, they will find that things other than intercourse bring as much or maybe greater emotional pleasure. Also the age at which one should have sex is mostly based on judgement and preferences. There is no set rules or guidelines about the age that one should engage in sexual acts. Statistics state that by the age of 19, 70% of females and 80% of males have had intercourse at least once. As with peer pressure, you should not do anything until you feel ready and comfortable. Having sex is not a symbol for being grown up and usually far from that. “Homosexual” is a term used to describe individuals attracted to others of the same sex. Most homosexuals engage in risky sexual activity with members of the same sex. Statistics state that about 6-8% of the population is thought to be homosexual, or in a crude term, gay. But this statistic may not be accurately in that people who are homosexual are usually not too opened in commenting on the issue as they fear that this may lead to rejection from society. There is no foolproof way of identifying homosexual or heterosexuals. Summing up, I must restate my opinion that teens should feel free to discuss sexuality with trusted family members, or a physician. Local health clinics may also offer suggestions about where to get advice and information.

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