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An Understanding Of Punk Rock Essay, Research Paper

What do most people think of when they hear the words Punk Rock? Some people may think of delinquents sporting dyed hair, leather jackets, and chains. Although this may be true among some punk rock enthusiasts, there is much more to punk music and culture.

Punk rock is believed to have originated in Great Britain and other parts of Europe. Although there are no exact dates on punk?s creation, it is believed to have started in the late 60?s or early 70?s. Punk rock is a relatively new music trend but it has already created some well-known bands such as ?The Sex Pistols?, ?NoFx?, and ?Green Day?.. Punk music was originally created by bands to help them express their feelings about the corrupted governments and other social problems in Europe. This music is characterized by it?s high paced beat and sometimes offensive lyrics. To be punk rock it has to be adrenaline packed and in your face. The music used is usually very simple with extremely fast drumbeats and five chord guitar rifts. Of course there are many talented artists that have contributed more elaborate tunes, but for the most part they are kept simple.

Many people associate this type of music with anarchists and trouble makers because of it?s underground nature, but it does have an appeal among normal young adults. Punk has gone from it?s primitive days of protesting the government to more excepted topics such as relationships and everyday events. The music is still sometimes rebellious, but it is always fun. Many bands have turned to humor for inspiration for their songs, which has created many bands that are very comical.

Classical and Country music fans may never accept Punk Rock as real music because of it?s high speed and seemingly immature lyrics, but Punk will always have it?s faithful audience. Punk Rock attracts many unique individuals and has become an anthem for unaccepted groups such as skateboarders. Skateboarding and Punk Rock have been unaccepted by society for many years, but are starting to become more accepted thanks to movies and television. Many punk bands have become so popular that they have appeared on movies and TV. One such band is The Ramones. The Ramones are an older band that has made appearances on many movies and radio shows. Even with society starting to accept punk rock more, many punk enthusiasts believe that punk music is only punk when it is played to a bunch of local kids in a run down dance hall.

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