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Twileen And George Story Essay, Research Paper


Twileen, a fashion model for a women?s magazine, headed out the door for another days work. She was very envious of the glamour of movie stars and fashion models, but she felt that the fame would go to her head. George, a close friend of Twileen, said that getting a job as a movie star would be a great job, but a lot of hard work. Twileen agreed.

While Twileen and George had brunch, George stared out of Twileen?s window at the newly painted houses. George started to think about how much he loves Twileen and how great it would be to have their own newly painted house. George then proceeded to sit next to Twileen so they could talk about their future. Twileen looked to George and said, ?Are you in love with Victoria?? George looked at her and shook his head. ?Twileen?, George said, ?Victoria was my first love and I will always love her, but you are my soul mate.? ?Victoria wrote to me about the two of you, George.? Their discussion went on for hours on whether or not they had a future together.

Later, George was talking to a friend when they started discussing Twileen and the conversation they had the previous night. He advised George that Twileen is the women that George should marry. Even though George felt like his love life was in shambles, he loves Twileen and knows what he has to do. Moments later Mr. Tawa, George?s boss, walked in to advise George to take a trip with Twileen to Fort Lauderdale to clear his thoughts. George then asked himself, ?Who knows my innermost secrets?? He quickly answered Twileen, got a huge smile on his face, and ran out the door.

George drove to Twileen?s house as quickly as possible. When he arrived, he realized that she wasn?t home from work yet. He anxiously waited to tell her the good news. Finally, Twileen came home. George approached her with the good news that they were going to Fort Lauderdale together. Twileen was surprised and confused. George then explained to her that Mr. Tawa suggested that they should go away for the weekend to clear their thoughts and spend time together. Loving the idea, Twileen quickly packed her bags and they were off. Little did Twileen know what George had in store for her.

After they arrived in Fort Lauderdale, George said he had to run a few errands and would return shortly. George, having the idea that Twileen likes rock music, red dresses and hot potatoes, headed out to plan the perfect evening. Later that evening, Twileen sat patiently in the hotel room wondering what the evening had in store. No longer than five minutes later, George came strolling through the door. He quickly ran to the bathroom and slammed the door. He yelled to Twileen to close her eyes and not to peek. So naturally she closed her eyes and waited anxiously. Moments later George came walking out holding a package with a big red bow. Twileen excitingly said, ?What is this?? George replied, ?Open it and see!? Twileen carefully untied the bow and slowly opened the box. With her stomach completely filled with butterflies, she pulled the top of the box off and found a gorgeous red dress inside with a note that said, ?There is more to come.? She jumped up and headed for the bathroom to try the dress on and George grabbed her arm and said, ?I love you.? Her heart melted. George leaned in and kissed her.

Once they left the hotel, they headed out to a restaurant that George had picked. They walk inside and George handed the host a tape of some sort. Twileen asked what he had just given the man, and all George could do was smile. After they were seated and had already ordered, Twileen noticed that her favorite rock song was playing on the radio in the restaurant. She looked at George with a confused look and wondered if he was responsible. George smiled and said nothing. Moments later their food came out. Twileen first looked at the hot potatoes, being her favorite, and began to eat. She noticed that one of the potatoes has something shiny in it, so she began to investigate. She pulled out a gorgeous diamond ring. George walked over to Twileen, got down on one knee and asked, ?Twileen, will you be my wife?? Twileen with tears streaming down her face blurted out ?Yes!? The whole restaurant was so happy for the two of them that all you could hear was clapping.

After the initial shock was over, the two discussed the plans and events of the wedding. ?Do you prefer Kauai or Kona for our honeymoon?? asked Twileen. George smiled and told her that it would all come in do time. Twileen then looked at George and said, ?Are you positive you love me?? George said, ?Twileen, I wouldn?t have done all of this if I didn?t.? She then whispered, ?I know, but are you positive?? He then looked at her adoringly and said, ?Forever and ever!?

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