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Eric Arthur Blair Essay, Research Paper

Eric Blair?s fictional name was George Orwell, born

June 25,1903 in Motihari, India. At that time ?India was part of the British

Empire?(Orwell page 1 of 4). This was near the turn of the century, so not

many people could afford to move to India with out the ?British

Empire?(Orwell pg. 1 of 4). Eric?s father Richard Blair was an agent of the

Opium Department of the Indian Civil Service.Blair?s Grandfather served in

the Indian Army for sometime before Blair?s birth. His family was? not very

wealthy [Blair] later described them as lower-upper-middle class?(Orwell

pg.1of 4). In fact, they owned no property or held any investment what?s so

ever. When Eric was about 8 his family moved back to England and moved to

a town called Henley, although his father still worked in India. Being

middle-class, going to school was tough; however, his parents sent him to a

private school in Sussex at the tender age of 8. By the time he was 13 he had

received a ?scholarship to Wellington, and soon after another to Eaton, the

famous public school?(Orwell pg.1 of 4). After being forced to be good in

school, he was not interested in ?anymore? further mental exertion?(Orwell

pg. 1 of 4). So he decided to go with his private ambition, to write. At the

beginning he writes? At the age of five or six [he] knew that he would

be-must be a writer?(Orwell pg1 of 4). He made up his mind fast unlike many

other writers. However, to be a writer one has to read literature. However, at

Eaton English Lit. was not a major subject, because ?most boys [ that went to

Eaton] came from backgrounds either irremediably unliterary or so literary

that to teach them English Literature would be absurd?(Orwell pg.1 of 4).

Although he wanted to become a writer he finished ?138th of 167?(Orwell pg.

2 of 4). After this he decided to join the Indian imperial Police; however, he

later left after 5 years in service. This was distracting him from his main

lifestyle, a writer and because? wished to escape from ?every form of man?s

dominion over man?(Orwell pg. 2 of 4). In London he settled down into a

?grotty bedroom?(Orwell pg.2 of 4). And started to teach himself how to

write. He was now twenty-four and ?week after week he remained in his

unheated bedroom?(Orwell pg. 2 of 4). It was so cold that he ?[thawed] his

hands over a candle when they became to numb to write?(Orwell pg. 2 of 4).

Now that?s cold. In 1928 he did something drastic, ?he began to live among

the poor, first in London, then in Pairs?(Orwell pg.2 of 4). To him it seemed

that the poor were the ?victims of injustice?(Orwell pg. 2 of 4). One reason

for living among the poor was ?to over come a repulsion which he considered

as typical of his own [working] class?(Orwell pg. 2 of 4). In December of

1929 Eric spent Christmas with his family were he announced that he was

going to write a book about his experiences in Paris. However, many times

this material was rejected, finally due to a Mabel Firez this was published.

Although all ?swearwords were deleted and certain names changed?(Orwell

pg.3 of 4). His next book Burmese Days was published in 1934. Eric made

his name George Orwell on his first book, Down and Out. He had to change

himself from a middle class citizen to a poor ragamuffin. His next books in

order, A Clergyman?s Daughter, Keep The Aspidistra Flying,The Road To

Wigan Pier, Homage to Catalonia, Animal Farm, Nineteen Eighty-Four. He

served in the Spanish Civil War in the POUM (Partido Obrero de Unificacion

de Marxista). They he was wounded in the throat. After this he went on

writing Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four. Later on in 1946 he married

Sonia Bronwell. Eric Arthur Blair Died In the Year Nineteen Fifty, at the age

of Forty-Seven. George, Orwell Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia. 1996 Ed.

CD-ROM Microsoft, 1993-1996 George, Orwell www.k-1.com George

Orwell December 15, 1999 (Last Updated).

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