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Bush Or Gore Essay, Research Paper

The Difference

Bush or Gore? Will it be the vice president or the governor of Texas to fill the presidency? Even after election day, this is still a very questionable topic. Because of the peoples’ split views, it seems the country has divided itself: half for Gore, half for Bush. Their views differ on issues such as taxes, social security, and gun control.

First, George W. Bush believes that federal income taxes are too high and that a tax cut for all Americans is the best way to achieve fiscal responsibility in government. Also, he believes that money paid to the government is that of the people, and should be returned to them instead of wasting it on social spending programs. Contrary to this, Al Gore has a different view on taxes. Gore supports raising taxes for government spending on programs designed to appease special interest. He also believes that government needs to come first, not hard-working families.

Second, the other visible difference is apparent in their views on social security. Bush favors a form of the system that allows putting funds into private investments to protect it for retirement. The governor believes in the individual’s ability to make his own retirement decisions. However, Gore is oblivious to the shortcomings of the present system. He vows to keep social security the same and supports higher income tax for system funding. In addition, Gore believes that people should not be given the ability to plan for retirement without government intervention.

Third, another difference between the current vice president and the governor of Texas deals with gun control. Bush believes in enforcing laws designed to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals; and wants fierce prosecution of those who commit a crime with a firearm. Bush believes that tampering with the constitutional right for bearers of firearms will only put the criminal element at an advantage, because criminals don’t usually obey gun laws. Contrary to this, Gore believes that guns in the hands of law respecting people pose a threat to society. The Justice Department has consistently ignored enforcement of gun laws and has refused to prosecute many cases where a gun crime has fallen within federal jurisdiction.

Bush or Gore? The question remains. During the presidential debate a couple of months before the general election, their differences became public in a few vital views: taxes, social security, and gun control. A line seems to divide our nation; a line that says, “Gore voters to the right, Bush voters to the left.” Currently, it is not apparent which side is heavier.

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