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Social Darwinism Essay, Research Paper

Social Darwinism

Social Darwinism was a late nineteenth-century social theory that was based on the theories of evolution of scientist Charles Darwin. The ideas and behind Social Darwinism came directly from his theories of evolution and, ?survival of the fittest.? The theory was used to explain how the economic growth of America was coming along. This theory also said that economies grew and operated like ecosystems and weeded out the weak and allowed the strong to flourish.

The ideas of Social Darwinism were used to explain how the United States economy was so competitive and to justify the elimination of so many less ambitious industries. This was also a way to be able to increase the economy?s personalization to the consumer and to be able to offer competitive prices and cheaper and better products. The idea of Social Darwinism changed how the people thought of the economy by making it a battlefield instead of a playground.

The way that social Darwinism has changed the views and realities of the economy has allowed it to be able to advance and provide a good, competitive place for people to make money and offer their goods and services. Also, the ideas of Social Darwinism still are around today, especially in the dot-com world. The idea of ?only the strongest survive,? is still a relevant analysis of how today?s economy works. The way that the larger, better-funded companies are eliminating the smaller more personalized businesses is the basis behind the Social Darwin theory.

In conclusion, the ideas of Social Darwinism were an analysis of how the economy of America works. It summarized how people needed to be stronger, faster and smarter than the competition. Also, it justified the elimination of many weaker industries to make room for the corporate companies to run the economy. Social Darwinism affected the growth of the economy by making everything more competitive and allowing people to want to eliminate their competition, not accommodate them.

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