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The Origin Of Eukaryotic Cells Essay, Research Paper

The origin of Eukaryotic cells

In the beginning of the creation of Earth volcanoes erupted all over the planet. During this period there was a time where a brief cooling period was allowed to take place. When this period took place evaporation caused a downpour of rain which flooded the ocean creating the ocean. At the time that ocean was averaged at 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Around this same time an asteroid so powerful hit the Earth knocking off a large chunk of it. This chunk became the moon which at the time was twice as close as it is today. The hitting of the planet Earth cause such a shake that many new undersea volcanoes began spewing forth molten rock and gasses. These gasses and other particles formed on the oceans surface and with the moon being so close were smashed together by strong and violent waves.

Molecules were then washed ashore and exposed to heat and sunlight. Through a series of trial and error bases chemical reactions formed cells. The first ones were simple only with the new permeable membrane so it could absorb nutrients. After absorbing so many amino acids it was able to replicate itself. Bacteria now was growing off the undersea volcanoes vents living off of hydrogen sulfide. Some of these developed hard shells and others with soft membranes. Meanwhile tectonic plates during this time were shifting drastically and created mountain ranges which altered rain patterns and led to the falling of even more rain which created rivers. These rivers washed out new nutrients found in land out to the oceans. Minerals from land reacted with carbon dioxide which resulted in the production of oxygen. As temperatures cooled algae created glucose through photosynthesis and released gross amounts of oxygen into the ocean. The oxygen reacted with the metallic ions found in the ocean and cause oxidation which caused the sea to turn a rusty red.

The sea then turned back to a royal blue now rich w/ oxygen but to the bacteria oxygen was a toxin. The soft membrane bacteria learned to live avoiding oxygen and the hard shelled bacteria created enzymes to prevent damage caused by oxygen. The soft membranoid bacteria learned to group with others of it’s same kind and pulled all of it’s genetic material into it’s center creating the first nucleus and eukaryotic cell. The hard shelled bacteria found a way into the soft bacteria and learned to co-exist. The next step in which the nucleus learned to transfer information to the mitochondria to obtain necessary food led to the cells relationship with it’s surrounding environment and began evolution.

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