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Should This Business Update To Windows 2000 From Windows 98 For Its Office Pcs? Essay, Research Paper

Should this business update to Windows 2000 from Windows 98 for its office PCs?

In the business world today, computers and the software applications that run on them basically control an well-organized business. Every major company is equipped with a computer, or network that connects through different branches throughout the firm. To keep up with the fastest technology that dominates the market is to be a sensible buyer. A system can be outdated in a matter of two years time. Therefore, it is necessary for the business to update to Windows 2000 from Windows 98 for its office PCs.

Windows 2000 is intended to the business world and others who are running large networks of computers. It has a lot of things going for it, but just because it has some advantages over Windows NT and Windows 98 doesn??t mean everyone should try it. My purpose here is not to evaluate the software but to counsel caution before you undertake a major operating systems update. Even though Microsoft did a good job testing thousands of business applications, there are always rough spots in a transition. In fact, Microsoft has dedicated several Web pages to upgrade issues.

Once if you then decide to update, do it when you can devote time to the changeover. If you have multiple machines, make the change in stages running the old operating system during the transition.

First of all, the first thing is to determine that Windows 2000 is compatible with your machines. According to Windows 2000??s description, ??you need, at minimum, a PC with a 133-MHz Pentium-compatible CPU, 64 megabytes of RAM and one gigabyte of disk space. It is better with a faster CPU (300 MHz or better) and several gigabytes of disk space. A bit more memory would be nice too.?? Therefore, some small businesses would like to upgrade Windows 2000 but they are bound by their hardware.

Actually, we can say that Microsoft has done a good job of ensuring that most business applications will work with Windows 2000. But before you take the plunge, be sure all the programs you depend on are compatible with it. Major applications such as accounting, word processing and database software probably will be OK, but some specialized programs, games and multimedia applications may not be compatible.

If you are familiar with Windows 98, you??ll feel pretty comfortable with the new operating system??s look and feel. Nevertheless, there is always something to learn. If employees will be using your new operating system, you may need to train before they are comfortable with it.

I recommend that most small businesses wait before undertaking a wholesale upgrade. If you have multiple machines and time to experiment, consider upgrading a simple machine to see how it goes. If you find that all is well, you can upgrade your other machines.


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