Реферат: Mass Media And The Right To Think

Mass Media And The Right To Think Essay, Research Paper

Mass Media and The Right To Think

University admission costs are a deceitful practice that needs to be investigated and changed for the good of the honest student. After having a topic chosen for the past week this, sadly, is all I can come up with. I have written this essay many times, and it always ends with failure. There is something missing, an element that is important. What is it? Oh yes, my belief. As I rewrote the essay, I felt less and less animate about the subject than at the beginning So, there was only one thing I could do, and that was to change the topic all together. I decided to write about something else, something that I believe in; something that I am passionate about. But what am I passionate about? There is so much out there. I watch CNN on TV, listen to NPR radio, and even read a number of different newspapers throughout the week. And, with so many sources out there, I feel like my opinions have actually merged into those of the print and broadcast journalists. Have they taken control of my thoughts and my feelings? Media has most impact and influences in our society today. The so-called mass media includes TV, video, film, newspapers, magazines, comics and posters. Media has the ability to transfer a piece of information to millions of people and effect their opinion. Than can slur the facts to fit their opinion. Currently we are at a point where our media really at its best. We are during an election period. A good example would be from the current election the media would like you to think that Governor Bush?s plan will destroy Social Security. Actually, Bush wants to take a small portion of the Social Security money and invest it in stable investments that will, over time, provide a better return than Social Security gets now. Or is a draft dodger, which is true but in truth he was in the National Guard where he could have been sent at any time. And to be fair their probably the same exaggerations on Gore?s side of the campaign.

The media now effectively controls the information and ideas that impact our society, politics, and lifestyles. People didn?t have to have CNN explain it to me why something is bad or good. I hear the reporters claiming their right to free speech. Well, what about ours? Our right to be able to get the true facts.

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